High School King of Savvy-Seo In Gook

Does any one have any news on a Channel for High School King of Savvy/School Life conduct. A week ago i saw that viki had approved two channels for the show but then took them right back down. Im Really excited for this show it stars Seo In Gook and i have seen every drama he has been in and have liked every single one so i have high hopes for this drama as well. It is supposed to start airing on Monday June 16th.


I am also wondering about that too… I’m really excited to watch another Seo Inguk Drama and I was wondering if viki got the license for the Drama ~

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Guys !! High School King was just approved as a Fan Channel so Viki is working on getting the license !! It would be awesome if you could fill out the form and like the channel !!:slight_smile:

Sooo all my friends haha i need your help !!

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Thanks in advance I really hope this channel will get it’s licence !!!


Hi What i have to do ?
I didn’t heard about the drama , but it does seems interesting !

Ahh there’s already someone in portuguese . I’m gonna do that right now

Thank you cutie !! :heart:

Thanks for posting the direct link. Hopefully viki updates the search result feed soon to include this drama so it can get more followers.

I’m now beginning to know the pain of waiting for english subs!

Pretty please, with cherry on the top! :icecream: :cherries:

SEO recomendo o curso vip do tico santos para melhorar as legendas e o posicionamento no Youtube.