Highlight text on profile

I can’t seem to highlight text on my profile. Is there a way to do it without the designated buttons that actually works? I would settle for embedding a google doc to my profile, which also seems impossible.
Thanks and have a great week

font size, style nor highlight nor background color work on my profile, it does change in “customize your profile” but the system will NOT SAVE it.
I cannot also change my picture inside the editor, I can downsize it but it will NOT SAVE it.
It’s a nightmare and I have not found anywhere any answer to this problem that happened when VIKI changed to the new Profile format, unfortunately, we still don’t like it and viki does nada :frowning: :frowning:
Perhaps someone here will have the “key” to this problem…

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So true. I can’t change anything and save it + no html I’ve tried works.
I’m currently refering ppl to a link to a published google doc, while I’m trying to figure out what to do. I’ve checked and it’s been over a year since ppl complained about this.
The only thing that works is creating a pic and uploading it, but there’s no telling if it would look exactly the way you meant for it to look.
I hope some1 would tell us what to do.

Text formatting hasn’t saved on profiles since they updated the channel walls (before the most recent site update? and definitely before the profile page updates) They’d disabled certain html tags regarding backgrounds for awhile on channels because of potentially malicious code or something, but then they fixed it. So channel walls will save properly, but none of the profile styling has saved since around then.

I sent in a support ticket awhile back, but I think they just said that it should work. But well, obviously, it doesn’t. It doesn’t sound like it’s supposed to be intentional, but there’s also been no fixes…