Hindi subbers needed


I hope you having a good day!
I need Hindi subbers for these projects!

  1. Eccentric! Chef Moon. ( On air )
  2. When My Love Blooms. ( On air )
  3. School 2017. ( Complete )
  4. Hi! School - Love On. ( Complete )
  5. Fight my way. ( Complete )
  6. You and I. ( Movie released)

PM me if interested.

हिंदी सबटाइटलर्स एवं प्रोजेक्ट्स

I’d Like to voluteer @kaorikazehaya


@kaorikazehaya So how do I start with the subbing?


Thank you so much @shreya_singh2004_820 for showing your interest. :heart_eyes:


I would like to help.


i can do it too!


I would like to help.


I would love to volunteer!


@kaorikazehaya Hi! If this is still open, I’d LOVE to volunteer! Possibly for School 2017?


Rather than creating a new thread, I’ll just use this one.
I just became a moderator for SEARCH

This is my first moderation and if anybody who is fluent in Hindi is interested to work on this series can message me.

Thank you everyone, I got my team for this project. :blush:


If you can wait for a few weeks, I’ll love to work with you.


Absolutely! Since, you haven’t started yet on subbing, I recommend to read some of the articles here.


:sweat_smile: Sure, I’ll read them.


If you want to get started with subbing in Hindi, please fill out this form.

All the people who work here for Hindi will slowly get to know this new idea. This is fun and we can always have each other for support and help.


BUT this form is closed :frowning: