Historical Japanese Dramas?


Hi! I have seen a few Korean historical dramas, and I’ve touched on Chinese historical dramas, but I suddenly realized that I haven’t seen any Japanese historical dramas that are done in Japan. If anyone has seen them, are they worth watching? Which ones do you recommend? Thanks :slight_smile: (PS: this is my first time creating a discussion post, so if there is another post like this, I’m sorry, and I’ll delete this one)


Jin is about a present day doctor time traveling back to feudal Japan. Worth watching. (It also has a Korean remake. Both on Viki.)

I was also watching Yae no Sakura, Ryomaden and Chuushingura no Koi, they’re very long so I didn’t finish, and 2 of them were on dramafever which is down. There’s also a palace drama “Ooku” but can’t find it anywhere. I’ve watched a lot of Chinese palace dramas and some Korean ones so I’m curious.


Thanks! I’ll definitely try Jin, and if I can find the other dramas, I’d like to watch them too.


Sanada Maru ROCKS if you can find a copy. We don’t have it here, alas!

It has a really awesome depiction of the Taiko and other historically-correct information, yet is entertaining…and…I think I NEED some of that armor. I mean…er…um…yeah I need at least one set of armor from that one. :slight_smile:

In addition to the drama itself, every episode has a travelogue at the end showing where the episode took place in Japan AND the shrines, the castles all of it! :slight_smile:

I need to find the time to watch this one again.

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p.s. (PLEADING LOOK AT THE OVERLORDS…) C’mon, tons O Fluffy Japanese dramas…give us the really great historical dramas!!! I know they’re hard as hell to subtitle and probably really expensive…but…they are glorious for us, the fans!!


Thanks! I really enjoy watching historical dramas and movies, and Sanada Maru sounds really informative especially with the travelogue…I’ll have to do some digging and find it :smiley: I used to read a lot of novels set in medieval Japan, but I recently realized that I haven’t seen many dramas or movies set in that time period, and I would love to see the clothing, armor, and food used in a drama sense.


you just reminded me to finish Dr Jin & Faith. these are two time travel ones that I do like, and how they fly in the air awesome, the costumes are great too. in all of them I mean


A few years ago I watched the Japanese drama “Ryomaden,” the bio-series about the life of Sakamoto Ryoma, who was basically the Thomas Jefferson of modern Japan - instrumental in ending the Tokugawa shogunate and ushering in Western pluralism and representative government. It’s a long series - something like 55 episodes if I remember right - but fascinating both as entertainment and as a detailed history of one of the world’s intellectual giants. It’s another excellent title that the short-sighted fools at Amazon Prime and Netflix have eliminated, which means an opportunity for Viki to pick up their slack:

Masaharu Fukuyama (who also played the iconic Yukawa-sensei in “Galileo” and its spinoff movie “Midsummer’s Equation,”) plays Ryoma brilliantly; Teruyuki Kagawa is hilarious as Ryoma’s rival Yataro Iwasaki, and Yoko Maki is stunning and intense as Ryoma’s wife Oryō.

I really hope Viki adds “Ryomaden” - or better yet, that NHK will produce a full DVD set with subtitles in multiple languages, because I’d really like to have this on a shelf and be able to watch it again and again. Just a brilliant and accurate historical drama.