Horror movies/series/dramas 👻


Any recommendation for Halloween?
What was your best? What was your worst?
In the middle?

Do you find Asian horror movies creepier or less creepy than western productions?


We do not celebrate Halloween… The only thing that was taken over… Small children ringing at the door, And want sweets :joy:

I do not watch horror movies, or psycho cram , I don’t need that, especially now that the days are getting darker again, I have to walk home through a park… “must laugh” Where even a hospital with psychiatry is nearby…

No for me never horror again :upside_down_face::upside_down_face:


O, God, your town could be the SCENE for a horror movie! :scream::rofl:

Btw, we don’t celebrate Halloween either. Well, some do nowadays, but it’s not a long-rooted tradition here.
We do have kids at the door at November 11, Sint Maarten, with paper lanterns, singing songs in exchange for candy … Well, at least in some parts of the country.

And I do like horror, but I totally get it if you don’t feel like watching…


I think we won’t be celebrating Halloween this year the conventional way with kids coming for candies. But hey, why not making candies and new pumpkin soup, halloween candles and soaps or pumpkin crochet and Harry Potter sweater or scarfs for this year?

I’m a scaredy cat, so I can’t watch a horror movie at the cinema!
However, I love to watch it with other people at home, it’s comforting and trains you to see how people react in front of these situations LOL (Run for your life!)

The best is still to have a pillow, popcorn to eat in crisis and a mobile phone so you can check the end before fainting!


It is not an extremely long way, But the hospital has failed to light half of the way…
My idea was then to take a flashlight, Until one day I noticed that I can be seen through the light rather wonderfully… So again without light :joy:
It creeps the thought, if then still the suitable meal comes :wink: :laughing:


With age the desire for creepy becomes less and less :joy::joy:

The little ones will probably not be with us this year… :slightly_frowning_face: But we do not celebrate it either,
There it looks completely different in America, when you see it in film and television :grin::joy:


I was just ten when I watched Prince Caspian, got scared out of my mind, had nightmares for a week and vowed never ever to watch horror ever again. I’m in my teens now and I still steer CLEAAR out of the way of anything closely resembling horror. I freaked out seeing the psychopath’s mask in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, and skipped all the parts where he wore it. :flushed:
I’m not the type to get scared of stuff like roaches and spiders, but horror in movies completely creeps me out, I dunno why.

Whatever it is, @piranna , here’s an article that you might like:
though from the comments, they say most of these are trash except ‘The Guest’ and ‘Save Me’…OCN dramas have most of the horror and thrillers


At that time I saw ES by Stephan King 1986 :scream::scream:
I have seen the Clown Pennywise for days :scream:
I can’t deal with it that way either, with Horror


Then this is the movie for you! :wink:

You mean It. :wink: Or Het in Dutch, but I suppose Vivi doesn’t understand German or Dutch … :joy:


I MEANT SPIDERS IN REAL LIFE NOT MOVIES!!! :sob::flushed: I can’t handle anything in movies!!
and no, I don’t understand German, even though I get called that all the time by old people :joy:


Old people think you’re German? How come?

Hmm … if I have to see a spider, I think safely on the other side of the screen would be better than in my house, where I even have to get rid of it myself. :wink:


I just watched Eerie.


hehe in my native town, German missionaries had come and helped a lot of people so EVERYONE knows them. They used to speak in English so now if anyone speaks in English they call them ‘Germans’ :sweat_smile: cuz they were the only English-speaking foreigners they knew


check out my collection and i am sure that u will find something there. my fav is nightmare teacher. follow if u like it only :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


There’s only one in your list that I actually saw. :slight_smile:


whats that? try to watch others also if u are not so busy with others :relaxed:


This one:

Oh, wait, now there’s another one:

Hmm … this one has zero episodes and is still looking for a CM, but yet you could see it? :thinking:


Some are only added by seeing their reviews and ratings on net and all. I haven’t watched all of them :flushed: :sweat_smile: