Hot on air dramas

Well lately everyone has been so obsessed with “My love from the star” (okay i must admit me too) but…
There are many on air dramas that are really great but not getting much attention…
To name a few:
Can we love?
I need romance 3
Let’s eat…

I would love to hear the reviews and comments on the rest of the on-air dramas … since some of them i didn’t watch i would like to know what i missed out and what i should or not watch…

I started watching I Need Romance 3; it’s pretty cute. Of the INR series, I’m liking it best…so far. (But I’d have said the same thing about INR 2012 before the latter half.) Will keep watching though.

Also saw the first two episodes of Inspiring Generation. It’s action-y and dramatic, with some little moments and hints of romance. But I’m not hooked yet. Still, I’ll probably keep watching it for a few more episodes at least.

But the show I’m really following is Miss Korea, which I picked over MLFTS to watch. I think some people were put off from the idea of Miss Korea b/c of the whole beauty pageant thing and what it means. Even though I thought it was supposed to be a rom-com, I was still hoping it wouldn’t be all about “who’s prettiest”, but er…something deeper?

I was a bit surprised when I started watching and it wasn’t really a rom-com. I mean there’s a bit of humor, but it’s a lot moodier a show than I thought it’d be. That just made it better though, because I love it! It’s not just about ladies parading around in swimsuits. Everyone involved is staking a lot on the competition.

Ok…let me think…there are so many hot dramas on air right now…right?
NOPE!!! Just one: My Love From The Star …


At the moment I watch the following on air series: MLFTS, INR3, Golden Rainbow and Melody of Love. And I hope Emergency Man & Woman will get a license so I can watch it too.

Golden Rainbow: It’s a mix of family, melodrama and suspense I guess. So far I think it’s interesting. It’s with Uee and Jung Il Woo and Jung Il Woo’s character is so funny.

Melody of Love: next to the catching opening song which will be stuck in your head for a while I think this drama is really cute. It’s about a girl who likes to sing and play in musicals but she get’s in trouble every once in a while and is very stubborn.Just a cute drama with a not to complex plot.

Emergency Man & Woman: Can’t say anything since it didn’t air yet right now but it’s a funny romcom.

I want to watch Inspiring Generation, Miss Korea and Let’s Eat too but I decided to wait till they are halfway/complete so I can marathon them.

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I didn’t watch Golden rainbow since i am watching too many shows at the moment and i am waiting to finish some of them and to hear about the plot… but i LOVE Jung Il Woo…so it’s definitely a must watch…

How long is melody of love? I don’t really know when or if i can watch that…

Hoping for the license so we can work on Emergency man and woman together ; ) @Dudie

I think INR3 will be really different than the previous ones … i dono how better that would be but so far i like it a lot…

@scircus I’m still not sure about miss korea…maybe i will watch it after it’s done

Umm Let’s eat is a must watch… specially for foodies… it’s food porn lol @Dudie … you should start it soon 9 out of 16 episodes are already out…

Inspiring Generation is not really my type of dramas even though i love kim hyun joong… but i will just wait for the reviews…

hahahah MLFTS is great nothing can beat it …
But still the other dramas are great!!!

All of you guys left out “Can We Love?”
It’s a really GREAT drama!!! You should give it a try!!

Hahaha @Wafaahs yes I know Let’s Eat is all about food. I somehow love Kdrama with food. I was hungry all the time when watching Baker King Kim Tak Gu, Fermentation Family and Feast of the Gods. Yes maybe I should start with it and make sure there is no food near me when I watch hahaha.

Melody of Love is 100+ eps long of about 35min. each. I’m thinking of giving Can We Love a try too but I’m not sure yet.

Loll if you are going to watch all the episodes of Let’s eat at once i doubt you can keep food away from you while watching it xp

Trust me “Can we love” won’t be a disappointment!!

I think too that Can We Love? is a great drama with an interesting plot :slight_smile:

and hot actors :wink:

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I’m currently watching Inspiring Generation and it’s definitely an AWESOME DRAMA !!! -

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inspiring generation

I’m watching Golden Rainbow,INR3, MLFTS, and the prime minister one. I really got hooked on golden rainbow from the beginning. INR3 i didnt watch the other 2 but giving this one a chance. The others i needed something to watch to keep me sane for the rest of the week. :confused:

Flower Boy Ramyun Shop is not currently on air, but it is hilarious! One of my first dramas (:
Beautiful Man, with Jang Geun Suk (he’s an amazing actor) K-POP extreme survival was cute too! ^^ and obviously my love from the star!