Hottie of the week


Does she kiss him back though - is it another 020 where he does all the WORK???


So this is which drama? It will go to the top of my list.


Good question. it does kind of seem one-sided in those GIFs, but it’s hard to tell.


No, this is An incurable case of love


Oh that is one I wanted to watch but I’ll go nuts if she doesn’t kiss back that is a FORCEFUL kiss -

I see some deer in the headlights in the gifs


I’m going to add him in Absolute Favorite Kiss! Any Drama
He has a lot of kisses in


hahaha kind of, I mean you can’t expect kisses like on Love is phantom


Ok I’m Still TEAM RENN - RENN oh RENN! She always kissed back! Is this one Japanese or not??



They are CUTE!


Renn is on another level and the FL too hahaha


Yes, they’re cute and funny.


I just realized there is a site-wide watch party for that drama tonight. Not that I will be participating. I do wonder how many people usually take part in those. it seems like it would be too hard to follow along in a chat with too many people, which defeats the purpose of doing a watch party, IMO.


I love this scene haha it was so funny to me!
The classic scene where the FL doesn’t know how to eat haha



I think that it’s not for me haha


I like this one. He acts as if she’s the food.


hahaha I really enjoyed that show, but let’s stop the spoilers hahaha


But what about the normal trope



That’s not fair! haha


I love Secret Garden - Best Flirt Game Going!!! hahahahahahaha! And GOOD KISSES