Hottie of the week


Hi girls!!!
We talk about this before so, after #MyHottiePosse we decide to create this discussion to vote up for the hottie of the week.
I’m going to start with my eternal love of these days, I can’t get over him!!! hahaha
Lee Je Hoon

What do you think?

  • He deserves it!
  • Close, but no :frowning:

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Badges: Who thought they were a good idea, and where do you go to earn some of them?
Badges: Who thought they were a good idea, and where do you go to earn some of them?

Ok - So I don’t know him - Tell me about him!!! :purple_heart:

My Hottie Posse


Ok, he has a lot of good shows but I fell in love with him in taxi driver hahaha
He is Lee Je Hoon and its a great actor. I’m going to leave you a couple of recommendations:

Is that what you want to know?
He has 36 and a beautiful smile! :heart_eyes:



Hey! I just watched him in Tomorrow with you! Based on that watch of him alone, I’d vote close, but no. But! I didn’t vote :wink:


She wants you to VOTE so VOTE! ha! I have not watched him yet but that smile is contagious


He’s cute, but not attractively so cute, I’d add him to my list of celebrities. I’d say the same for his acting talent. All the same, it was an okay watch, Tomorrow with you.

Hey! Did you watch your latest hottie in this?

I loved that show to piece’s


My Seo In Guk - BABES - No I am still watching DOOM and Shopaholic Louie - On the List


hahahaha you can vote, the idea is that we can have like a hottie for each week. We can post different thing about that hotties and just choose a different one, it can be according with the dramas we are watching or so.


Totally!! A beautiful smile!


I find him really sexy!


I have to watch him - which drama first so I can make a really good judgement?


I should say: Tomorrow with you or where stars land.


Time travel via a train, that’s the main attraction in the synopsis for Tomorrow with you, and the only recommendation I can share. :slightly_smiling_face:


I would say check him out in [TAXI DRIVER] In my opinion, he’s not that attractive. He’s not ugly but I read his considered an Idol, but don’t know why. Maybe if he change that hairstyle so short …Listen well, we all have different taste and my opinion in no way means I’m right. It just means he’s not my type of man. I like guys that are considered by some girls very ‘‘unattractive’’ (like Taecyeon from 2pm) (Lee Seung Gi) (Gong Yoo)

It’s just a matter of taste @natyh see something deeper that others can’t see, and I respect that. I believe what I don’t like is mainly his hairstyle and his extreme skinniness…


All HOTTIES in my BOOK - My girl

And add for me Hottie Posse -Gong Yoo- Junho - Kim Jae Wook - Ji Chang Wook - Minho - Seo Kang Joon - and my new addition Seo In Guk

And I have to add Renn Kiriyama Japanese Actor that I love


I agree about the hairstyle and it’s in all the shows hahaha but I don’t know, I start finding him very attractive.
And you are right it’s all about taste, but that’s the reason for this topic, we can see if we agree on that, and explore some other actors that we probably didn’t know.
BTW. I love Gong Yoo!!!


Is there anyone on the planet who doesn’t love Gong Yoo!!! And want a GOBLIN!


Also… choi jin-hyuk


I don’t think so!!


and actually Park Hyung Sik Alsohyung%20sik%20HS%204

Aw, Choi