Hottie of the week


Of course!!!



This is the Park Hyung Sik - I love - His DARK hair!!!


And your man is in the water - You would pull him up on the DOOR and you know it!!!

(no one else will understand but you) hahahahahahaha!


hmm yes, I think that it depends. Like those super mothers that take super strength to save their babies haha


There is no submit button in the voting section, is that normal…
Guess who :wink:


@natyh Time for a new POLL!


Of course, I’m going to get you all guys in trouble!!! hahaha


It’ll be so dificult for all of us to decide this:

  • Our Doom!!
  • Team Team Leader!!

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I know this is difficult @kdrama2020ali, @angelight313_168, @leerla73 but, let’s see!!!
Our Doom:

Team Team Leader:


You ARE HORRIBLE! I can’t choose REALLY you want me to CHOOSE! I have to see what happens first with Team Team LEADER is he gallant like he seems to be or a rich jerk! I lean DOOM you know that but I have a soft spot for TEAM TEAM LEADER…
I have to admit the snow and umbrella thing got me!


I know!!! me too!! But I felt tempted to do this hahahaha



I admit I watched it several times to see where he was walking from and then he walked up in that black coat and oh snap!

But DOOM oh DOOM DO DOOM DO DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! This is like having to pick between two favorite desserts! :heart_eyes:


He looks so good in that scene!!! :heart_eyes:


You’re not getting my vote until I’m up to date on DOOM - Gosh this shouldn’t be HARD

He’s quietly gallant and that voice! Oh major CRUSH
I’m seriously watching Scholar who Walks the Night - Next - for Gwi


That voice!


Wait. NO! That’s hard. You can’t do this to me.



Voted for Team Leader. I’ve got a soft spot for him. He’s just…


Me too! I just can’t do it yet!

It’s Team Leader Cha’s Voice he is so Sultry


Don’t put these gifs please​:sob::sob: I love his expressions when he talks


Me too and people say he can’t act and he is expressionless - I love it when he DRINKS something! ok I’m bad - did you see him drink his beer at the team meeting where everyone found out she had cancer. Sexy! Roll Back - he drank coffee in Eps 11 but wasn’t as good but good I notice those things