How about bringing back " Jumong"

For me personally, Jumong is my all time favourite show! Even though, it’s 81 episodes, it’s worth it! Besides Yi San, there is no other epic historical show. Please bring this back.


Yep Jumong, although it’s now 16 years old it is still an epic drama, I really like the main lead actor!!!

Yi San

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Oh and when it was removed, we were actually fixing the subtitles…between some bad word selections in translation and complete errors - and transcribing the English when it was fixed so the OL folks could add yes, the great JUMONG in the world’s languages. We had a really good team for this and were moving along steadily…

Then one day it was removed and…no idea if it will ever return. Things do that here, and we get either no warning or no explanation - or both.

Really a treasure of a drama - I’d happily work on it again, if we have the chance. Hopefully they’d give it back with work we had in it already but…who can say.