How are you supposed to Segment / Sub on projects that require Viki Pass

I recently lost my Viki Pass designation and am unable to segment on a project I’m a member of. Does anyone know how I can still segment on the project?

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You have to take on another one, which is free, to finish the required number of contributions.


According to your contribution page, everything you ever worked on except for Return of Superman is no longer licensed at viki. Return of Superman is a viki pass plus title and you apparently last worked on it years and years ago. Your page indicates NO recent contributions. From your number of contributions you might have once been a QC with a free pass of some sort but you haven’t made the required number of contributions to renew your QC status. So as Irmar says, you need to find a project that doesn’t required any pass which will accept you as either a subtitler or a segmenter. QC status is not perpetual.


Yes, agree. I haven’t been active on Viki as I once was; but would love to get involved once again. As everyone has mentioned, I’ll try to get involved in a non-Viki Pass required project.