How Can I Design a Channel?

Hi guys if someone can teach me how to Create or designe a wall of a channel i will apreciate that!! or where can i learn how to do it My USER NAME ITS Dream27.
Thanks xoxo

Hi, dream! :slight_smile:
I use photoshop to make my designs. There are many techniques you can use and there’s no step by step… usually I “visualize” what I want to do and try do to it. Often I find something better on the way, by accident, and keep going with it.

I google tutorials I can use on my designs (based on what I want to do), so I don’t have a specific page I go to. We have another post here with some tips:

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Thanks Luz!!!

You might be better off leaving it to the professionals. It’s better that good photoshoppers do it so the end product looks nice :3 Unless you have experience. xD Good luck!

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But no one starts off as a professional. And I suspect most designers here are not “professionals” so much as hobbyists, in that sense.

@dream27 As for designing, do check out the thread Luz linked. And then find some software or website to edit pictures with, and familiarize yourself with it. And of course, familiarize yourself with the text editor (you’ll need a mod or manager position to get to it on a channel page, but it’s mostly like the one for profiles); some interesting things there that I think people under-utilize…maybe.

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Thanks!!! For the tips