How change the place of subtitles?

Hello everyone. I have a problem. I learn chinese, so i like look chinese series with chinese caracters. When i can’t understand, i read french subtitle. (i am french) But the problem is when i have french subtitle in option, french subtitle is above of chinese subtitle. So i can’t read easily chinese caracters.

I would like move the position of subtitle . Is it possible? it is very inconvenient for learn chinese caracter.

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I don’t think there is a way.

There are so many viewers that request to have the hardsubs covered or removed, that Viki doens’t really care about the hardsubs To be honest, other than us who need to compare subtitles/speech, it is normal for viewers to want a clear view of the scenes.

The only way to benefit, is to use what (extremely few) episodes are available in Beta Learn Mode.

Sometimes, adjusting the width of your browser window and playing with video window sizes may help bring hardsubs a little higher, but that’s rare and it also hinders immersion.


What I do sometimes, I Zoom the drama to bigger or smaller smaller screen (depending where the words or characters are positioned). But if it does work, it only works on some episodes. Besides the fact, it can be so annoying the back and forth thingy. Dear, celinema26…This is a Mission Impossible thing unless the experts at viki site comes up with something to resolve that issue, there’s no way around it.

I know if subbers add several of the br the position of the subtitle could end up higher or lower but is too much work to add for the volunteers to do and there is a limited space in the segments and adding the br will take up more space too.

Good Luck with this.

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Adding breaks would mean catastrophe for those who watch dramas on smartphones and tablets: half of the screen would be covered with subtitles.


You are so right I forgot that breaks besides the extra work for the subber it doesn’t work well on smartphones or tablet. Thanks for reminding me that too. I did mention to her it was a mission impossible.


Thank you every one for your answer.

It’s pity that we can do nothing.

I remember many years before we can choose two subtitles in same times, so one of both is more above. But this option was also deleted. Pity.

I wish the manager of the website, one day, create one option for choose where we want put the subtitle.

Because Viki is for look movies and series but in same time we can learn the language.

Thank you


yes! you can view with not just two but ALL OF THEM! I think I may have said something randomly and it was followed through. Like 2007 or so.