How did my avatar pic get deleted?

I didn’t do it. It just randomly disappeared. Looks like it may be happening to other people, too.

same thing happened to me too. It’s the right one on Viki, but on Viki discussions, i have no avatar.

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That is soo odd, please report this or they will never know.

me too… i just wonder what happened

WOW how random don’t think that has ever happened to me maybe when I had to create a new account since my FB was getting spammed with my viewings LOL my hubby was you didn’t study at all you watched dramas ALL night O_O I was how did you know??? coughs so yeah now I don’t sign in with FB and have to go be Melliebean 2 >_<.

Ah, I sign in directly. What are you studying for?

LOL that was last year I think it was Anatomy :stuck_out_tongue:

KML. So funny that you got caught… Ha ha ha ha ha!

-_- yeah sooooooooooooo never sign in with FB anymore my friends and family don’t need to know how big of an addict I’ve now become!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep. If you’re gonna be sneaky, you have to do it right. wink, wink

It’s okay, everyone knows i am! well outside of viki i mean.

Full disclosure. I like it! Two thumbs up!!

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Just happened to me today…

To me also… I wrote to Viki Staff and we must wait. :slight_smile:
All details with this problem are provided to Viki engineering team.

Exactly … I didn’t do it in first place haha
I was like :" sorry viki. My obsession has to be a secret forever .

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You’re fashioned after my own black heart. Obsession=unknown.

Aha! New interface and…everybody’s back to normal.


I just noticed too. Happy my picture is back.

Hi all! This is Kristine from the Viki Help Center. I apologize for the inconvenience regarding the profile pictures! The issue should now be resolved :slight_smile: Definitely drop us a line at the Help Center if the issue still persists. Thanks!