How did you get into Kpop?

I get into Kpop mainly from korean tv shows that features celebrities. At first I only know Running Man, then I discover more like We Got Married, Roommate, 3 Meals a day, and even After School Club. From those shows, I look more into the casts and since then I started fangirling (kind of) to FT Island, 2AM, 2PM and also CN Blue andd the quirky Jung Joon Young. I really like ballad but also some pop rock. As for 2pm, I particularly like the members and their fun personality. Became a fan of Taecyeon since he’s super talented in acting and doing variety too. Jun. K. is also my kind of bias, as he has amazing voice I feel like I’m in heaven somehow when hearing his solo album.

I also discover Shinee, Suju, and look onto the girlgroups that I only slightly know before such as SNSD, A-pink. I also found out the super friendly Amber and her besties Ailee and the swag Jackson Wang as well as Eric Nam and Kevin (from ASC)who are all foreigners who work in Korea doing their music. Basically, I may know the person but I may not know all of their song as I only look a lil bit of everyone haha… Anyway Kpop is not only girl/boy group as I know before, they have a diverse genre like other music too… Even though I still don’t know the meaning when I listen to them, well… I guess I need to learn the language -.-"

KPop seriously saved my life. A few years back, I was a mess. 80+ year old mother sick, terminally ill brother, major/horrible changes at work, working 50 and sometimes more hours a week, forced to move out of my cottage I had been in for 30 years by new owners, etc. Burned out, physically and mentally ill. Tried TV to just blank out at night, but American TV is the pits. So one night I went online. Found Boys over Flowers subbed in English…never saw a Korean drama, so I thought I’d try it. Started searching the actors in it and found KHJ and SS501, then DSBK, then…well…you know. KPop and KDrama addiction builds sooooo quickly before you know it! Watching everyone on YouTube, not the MV’s but the daily life stuff, reaffirmed that there still were nice people, nice music, nice movies out there. (Of course, the “flower boys” didn’t hurt…) Now when I am frazzled, I come to VIKI!! BTW…Faith was my second drama…OMG…that really hooked me in.

I got into Kpop thanks to misheard lyrics on youtube that made me laugh XD I became curious and then looked for other songs :smiley:

I was first exposed to Kpop when a Korean student transferred into my class in 7th grade 5 years ago. The first song that I have ever listened to was Lollipop by 2NE1 and Bigbang. After that, I really got into those 2 groups.

I wasn’t addicted to Kpop until 9th grade when I started following SHINee. By then, I knew almost all of the existing kpop groups and kept up with all of the comebacks of every single group.

Now, aside from Kpop, I also listen to K-Rock, K-Ballad, 90s Kpop, K-indie, some trot. Although I’m still a really REALLY big YG stan (my first concert ever was Epik High when they came to Atlanta on their US Tour this month), I have enjoyed listening to artists like 10cm and Jung Joon Young.

I have to agree Kpop and dramas really are a great way of finding an outlet. Agree about American TV,…I have a few shows I like but I watch kdramas and telenovelas more than I watch regularly broadcast TV. I have a band I adore and when I am having a bad day I can watch their live concerts and just find some fun and joy in it. I think it is amazing that music can do that. It is so easy to get ‘involved’ into a plot of a drama too, I think it is what drew me in to dramas as well.

About two years ago one of the assignments in PE was to choreograph a dance routine. My friend was really good and came up with a bunch of cool dance moves, so I asked her if she secretly was a pro dancer or something. No, apparently she was a kpop fan and picked up all of the dance moves from music videos. Naturally I became curious and looked up “kpop” on youtube as soon as I came home that day. I watched some videos and was like “meh” until I came across SHINee’s Lucifer, which I really liked. And that is how I came to like kpop.

The Kpop entered to me in a funny way because i used to go in a religious school, so i don’t knew nothing about boys and things like that. So one day in 2007 i was watching videos in youtube and i saw a video named “Warning” of SS501, but this video was in another language, so the curiosity kill the cat and i saw him and… i love it! This also saved me of be a nun so… I’m grateful for the honor of known that the Kpop save my life, and why not? The Kpop saved me.

I was honestly on YouTube watching videos and Big Bang was recommended. “BIG BANG - BAD BOY M/V” I was like “wtf is this lol” and clicked on and I was immediately sexually attracted to G-Dragon as he hit the corner and started rapping. After that I watched all music videos and had them on repeat and then ventured off to them separately instead. So I watched G-Dragon and Taeyang alone and found CL. My favorite artists are Crush, Zion T, EXO, Got7, Jay Park, and G-Dragon of course.

To be honest, 4 years ago K-pop was not exist in my world. one day my brother was watching a Korean drama “Boys over flower on you tube”, that was his first time too. There was a scene where four boys entered in the school for the first time, i was like SHIT! they are Hot. so, i started to search more and more k-dramas and idols. after a while i got to know quite few actors and actress. However, now i am very addicted towards dramas and k-pop music. my favorite artists are super junior, Exo, Snsd and Bigbang. the song i like most are growl by exo and Ailee’s heaven. Recently i watched Heir and Kim woo bin became my favorite actor. so that’s how i got interested into k-pop. sorry if my story was boring :sweat_smile:

I was browsing through the internet one day, I was bored and had nothing to do until I saw this video (short clip) of drama with a really good looking guy and girl and found out that it was a Korean drama so I watched it.

When I finished, I thought it wasn’t enough to contain my happiness so I searched for more good looking Koreans and after a while it got worse and I got diagnosed with this addiction.

It started with just watching k-drama once in a while (about 30 mins/day), getting to know their culture and language and actually trying to speak it (I’m rubbish at it obv) then it got worse and I got obsessed with it. Now I could even watch a whole 16 episode drama in a day, non-stop and even stay up late for it. It’s terrible, but I’m enjoying it.

PS: Stil can’t speak Korean fluently though. Not matter how hard I tried.

I hope I’m not the only one suffering from this.


Love Jaejoong <3

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I got into Kpop when I was watching You’re Beautiful, 5 years ago. It was my first Korean drama and to be honest, I didn’t know about Korea at that time :sweat_smile: There was a part with Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry and one of my friends showed me the dance and the song. Then after that, one day I watched Haru Haru by BIG BANG on YouTube which I really loved and so I got into BIG BANG x)
Since then, I’m addicted to Kpop and Korean dramas.

So true! We just need to watch out that Kdrama life doesn’t start taking over our real life! Ahhh…but it’s so much more pleasant there…

Through Kdramas