How did you get into Kpop?

Just out of curiosity! I wanna know your stories. I also want to hear about what you love about being a kpop fan!

I got into Kpop at a very young age. My parents listened to Trot music and I grew up around early kpop. I remember listening to Fin.k.l, baby vox and Sechskies. But what REALLY got me suuuper into it was DBSK, mainly because of Jaejoong. (Anyone remember those days when DBSK just debuted?)

Please share your stories below!


I moved a lot when I was young. When I transfered in a school, I meet people who love anime and manga so to have conversation, I start to listen anime and eventually Jpop. One day, in the site I followed, there was a show about tohoshinki and after listen it, I start to listen their songs. After a while, I found they was koreans and I listen their stuff and fall in love with them.
By the way, my first crush and forever crush is Jaejoong. (I’m so sad that he left to army T-T)

I don’t listen Kpop as often than before. I’m more on K-indie and artist, but I love TVXQ and JYJ a lot <3

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I feel a little embarassed for saying this somehow but I first listened to K-Pop with PSY’s Gangnam Style. I thought it was really weird since I was so used to same sounding pop on the radio in the US and i mostly listened to rock and alternative music (I’m still really confused on how I made that change in music :P) But the mv and the language intrigued me that I had to seach up more, so I did!

I started with Hyuna (since she’s featured in the mv) and moved on to 4minute, Beast then i found my loves, U-Kiss (I’m a HUGE Kissme!!!). Then I’ve just been a huge kpopper, struggling to keep up with all the debuts and learning their names and following way too many groups > _ <

This year, like in July, it’ll be my third year since I found kpop and I don’t think i regret it :P. The only thing with me is, I haven’t really found someone else that listens to kpop but good things the internet exist so I can fangirl with other people!


Thank you for sharing! Oh wow ! We have the same bias! Hehe. My twin sister likes Changmin, though.
I also listen to K-indie! Who are some of your favorite artists?

Aw, don’t feel embarrassed :slight_smile: It kind of sucks that there seems to be a stigma about finding about kpop through PSY. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that at all! After all, he’s part of the Hallyu Wave as every other kpop star. It just so happens his song was kind of mainstream in the US~

OMG YES. I love U-Kiss! Do you have a bias? I’m so sad some of the original members left :’( But did you get to check out Kevin’s old group Xing? That’s how I found out about Kevin and then U-kiss. It turns out he got a signed poster and CD (I think it was a Xing poster and CD? But I’m not sure) and everything for his cousin that’s living in the US (So lucky!!) I wish I was related to a Kpop star.

history story ,hhhhh
will i listen to kpop since 7 years so i become kpop lover so turnedout to become fan of k music in general even hip-hop and rap but not too much , my first love is dbsk love all their old and new songs but love them as 5 , suju , ss501 , big bang, u-kiss, exo , snsd ,shinee , infinte , got7 , b2st , mq what else forget really , i found korean trot is very good , love ballad forsure , love kdrama ost , everything about k-music , but i will come again to share my fav bias , groups, singers here ,so stay tuned hhhh anyway this is epic topic love to share with you lovely ppl here in viki ,see you again :heart_eyes:

In Indie?
I love J Rabbit, Zitten, Ulala session, 10cm <3, Ra.d, Thornapple (I love rock so :blush:), perppetones, 3rd line butterfly, urban zakapa, bye bye sea, dickpunks and Nell (of course).
I have others one but I can’t remember their names ^^’

Changmin is so hot >o<

Bt, I love k-rock too and artists like Boohwal, jaurim, Lee Juck, Jung Dong Ha, Yim Jae Bum,…


I have to say dramas brought me into kpop. Years ago, I heard it because I listened to international music and the World Music Awards, etc. Yet, it wasn’t until I returned to dramas that the OST’s made an impression and sent me exploring. The music is good and I just enjoy it. I tend to be picky about music anyway. :smile: Yet, I am someone who likes what I like without apology at this point.

Oh, I have to say I started with SHINEE but have gravitated towards CNBlue. I am still only into a few groups but there are some beautiful songs especially ballads in kpop.

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I think dream high 1 drama got me into kpop . I checked out 2pm , like it then i moved on to bigbang and found this fantastic baby mv weird but liked it. But i just enroll in fandom because of Ikon since i watched Win and discover the reality behind those artist and see their struggle to become star ,i only watched the kdrama so it was like a movie but the talent show make me taste the reality. Their song climax really made me cry and have been following them since then. I feel like they are not perfect but they can just make you happy with a song or even make you cry as they told their own story.

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It was actually a really funny coincidence that got me into K-pop. My father used to listen a lot to a virtually unknown singer named Jana Mashonee. Her songs were often open in Youtube on his computer. We were listening to a playlist of her songs once, and for one reason or another, whoever created the playlist had also added a dance cover of I Am the Best (by 2NE1). My dad thought it was terrible, but I really liked it, and I listened to it over and over. After a while, I googled 2NE1, and began to listen to some of their other music. I’ve loved 2NE1 ever since, and have gradually expanded to other artists as well, such Girls Generation, 4Minute, G.nA, and Red Velvet, off the top of my head. ^.^~

For me maybe is because my friend suggested me to watch K-drama and then I started to “discover” more about K-pop. But I think the main reason why I am so into K-pop now is because I used to be a fan of EXO but right now I lost my interest in EXO… Anyway, I still love different K-pop idol :slight_smile:

hellooo, i get into k-pop because here in Colombia there is a channel on Tv that pass from Monday to Friday one hour of k-pop, always at 5 p.m. That’s how i start to listen and know was k-pop is and learn about it!
the same thing was with Asian Dramas, in Latinamerica there is a channel where they pass dramas from different countries such as, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela, South Korea and Taiwan, just for being boring i started to watch A Gentleman’s Dignity and i felt in love on Jang Dong Gung…

My bias in U-Kiss is Soohyun and then Hoon and then Jun and then everyone else :stuck_out_tongue: I love all of them to pieces, even Alexander and Kibum! The first song I heard by them was Believe and it took me awhile to actually find out that there was a member change. And out of my curiousity I watched U-Kiss Vampire and Chef Kiss, their veriety shows. Honestly, I think if Kibum and Alexander were still in the group, Kibum would be my bias :blush:

And I’ve only checked out a bit of Kevin when he was in Xing, he was so young then!! Not that he still isn’t now though :stuck_out_tongue: I can’t remember what songs I heard cuz it’s been awhile since i looked anything up from those days

I was playing an online game when suddenly my friend asked me what I was listening to, I told her I was listening to some chinese music (lol) well actually my chinese friend told me to listen to them and tell me what I thought about it, so anyways the girl sent me a link to 2NE1 I Am The Best. From the beginning I was like tf is this but after that I was in LOVE with it so I kept listening to their songs like I Love You, Ugly, Lonely e.t.c so I became a big fan and blackjack and after that I found SISTAR, Girls Generation e.t.c. So I Am The Best was my first ever kpop song.

I don’t think I had much exposure to it before middle/high school. But then I met a whole bunch of people who were super into Mandopop, Jpop, Kpop and all that stuff.

It was either during lunch period or after school, but we went to waste time in the computer lab. And my friend showed me the MV for DBSK’s Balloons. I don’t remember my reaction, but I’m sure I was just like o.O (The MVs pretty cute though, isn’t it?)

This was probably around the time Big Bang debuted though, because I also remember several of my friends being super TOP fangirls and trying to make me listen to Big Bang. Admittedly, I didn’t like their music much at the time. (Well, I still don’t listen to them much, but there are some songs I like. Kind of…nostalgic for me? lol, they’re not that old though.)

I was actually into Kpop for awhile after that, but not much anymore. Too many groups to keep track of now! Still, I always love some JYJ.

So I’m new here and I saw this segment and I thought maybe I can begin here with meeting new people who also share the same interest with me. I do not exactly know how i got into kpop but i what i do know is that it came all over me like a huge wave and now i am so addicted that my parents are slowly becoming crazy about my interests. I came into kpop around 2011 so about 4 years now i think. I was a huge horror and thriller fan when i was little so i always watched horror/thriller/action/supernatural movies and series. I was a huge Twilight fan (Now im not) so i was very interested in vampires. Then i came across an anime named: ‘Vampire Knight’ and through that i came into anime. That was my japan phase but then i met a friend who told me she watched korean dramas. I was curious… One day i was laying ill at home when I saw a kpop music video (EXO - Growl) on a Turkish music channel. These two events happened around the same time. Then I became soooooo curious that I fell into the K-LIFE all at once. Im truly an addicted person but I dont mind because now Im like: 'What the hell would i’ve been doing without the K-LIFE. This was my story about how i fell into the K-LIFE. I hope I can meet new people here because I don’t have many friends so Please Take Care of Me, Thank You :flushed: :blush:

P.S. : i actually didn’t know that psy also was korean until last year, im a dumb girl :flushed:

I never knew what K-pop was when i found out about it i fell in love :heart: my first korean band was #SuperJunior :heart_eyes:

The first kpop band I ever know was SHINee :two_hearts: I first listen lucifer but didn’t like but then I listen Sherlock and I fell in love :kissing:

A friend of mine who was half Spanish and half Moroccan watched Korean dramas. She told me to watch “The heires” and “Emergency couple.” I said to her that it was nothing for me. I ended up watching “the heires” and it was good. I found that song “my wish” by Lena Park really beautiful. I started watching other dramas and one of that was “Heartstrings” then I became a CNBlue fan. I also discovered Super Junior, BTS, GOT7, 2NEI and VIXX. There’re now my favorite Kbands.

How did I get into Kpop? Hmm.
Well it all started with my family moved around a lot in the early years of my life. I wanted to keep learning Korean as a language and since I watched a lot of series and reality programs. The breakthrough was when I watched a reality program called X-man, it was a really popular show and it featured DBSK in an episode. I was impressed by the idols and started listening to their music. It kinda snowballed from that incident. The one idol group led to another and got me to where I am today. I know which groups there are promoting at given time, know several group members and which company the groups belongs to. So it is not because I am a hardcore K-pop fan, I just happen to be mesmerised in some of the songs and listen to it at times.