How do I make a 'COVER PAGE'?


I hope you are well during this pandemic period :slight_smile:

Well, I would like to ask a question. I am currently working on some projects, but I really don’t know how to create a ‘’ Cover Page ‘’, I would like to add gifs, HD images etc. … I tried several times, but without success -.-

What should I use to make a cover page look good? Do you have any tips for me?

If you can help me, I would be grateful.




I hope; see this message and helps you out bc she made a cover page I loved so much. She’s really good and so far the only cover page I like done here at this site. Maybe you can send her a PM through her page. I know she’s very busy. Hope she can help.

My apologies to @rose_shn for suggesting her but good quality cover page is a plus in the drama’s page. Good Luck!

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Thank you very much <3. I will try to contact her.

Perhaps you’ll find some more info under these topic “cover page” you can type a keyword in the search box on the right above next to your profile in this forum.
I’m assuming you are a moderator who has access to “Manage page” and the cover page section. Well the editor for creating cover page is made for using html coding… There are also YT videos that can help.

Making great graphic cover pages takes time including all the info from summary and team and mostly searching for great pictures with great resolution… so sometimes you won’t find a big CP since there is either lack of creators or lack of time. Bonne Chance!


If you go to the category Volunteering - Design and Artwork you’ll see many helpful posts.
Especially by French people, like this post:

and anything by user piranna.

Thank you very much <3.

Thank you very much <3 :slight_smile:

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The last link doesn’t work.

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You can search the drama [Born again] and you will see it there lol They haven’t fixed it yet.

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Oh, you mean this one!

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@angelight313_168 well, we can see the page has some issues with the html coding which is not always easy, depending on how experienced you are. This page isn’t sure intentionally done like this and someone will likely fix it, depending on time. Cover pages used to be easier some time ago, and viki has changed something and it removed even my own downloaded picture which I created and it wasn’t from a link and it removed my typed list from my profile page as well… I was obviously disappointed and Im not recreating it…



I don’t know much about how cover page works, but if I can’t do something right; I’d rather delete the whole thing. In the case of that cover page you can’t see anything like the moderators, seggers names etc… Why leave it like that? Is best to remove it until something can be worked out. The effort is appreciated, but to leave it like that is so senseless. It has no purpose in there and eliminating it will make the page look much better.

Frankly, I would prefer just a poster and underneath, black on white, the info.
Plain and simple would have been better than this, where you can’t even read the writing on the dark grey background.

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I think, The cover can only be seen on the computer, laptop usw. ?
Not over smartphone!?
Are the start pictures not gone?

Somehow I feel like I’m missing something :thinking:

I have no smartphone so I can’t compare, but it looks like this:


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Does anyone know if once you do a cover page it can’t be deleted? I’m saying this bc I’ve seen cover page where ppl complained that the synopsis of the drama was totally wrong, and I don’t see any effort in fixing that mistake in the cover page (I confirmed the synopsis was way wrong).

You can find quite often a wrong synopsis made by Viki and many coverpage designers use this description. If you uploaded a complete picture as the coverpage, it’s not that easy to change the synopsis, you have to consider the background, so it’s way easier to use a neutral one instead of something fancy. Depending on the software you used, you may have to overlay the whole part with the fitting background and add the new description. Save it, upload again and replace the former coverpage. I always write down, which kind of font I used, which color and which background. English coverpages usually have a fixed part and a html part, so you can easily swap the names of the team members and add or delete them. For other languages you don’t need to add that much team members, so they often consist of a picture with fixed font.

It’s up to the channel manager to keep an eye on the synopsis and if the coverpage is still there or if any problems occured. If you set a different language for your Viki, you may not discover any of these problems. I usually set Viki on German, so I don’t see the English coverpage and won’t discover any mistakes :slight_smile:


And I wondered which design u mean XD Thank you for the sweet compliment! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: