How do You design a cover Page?

I’ve seen many covers of Channels, and they are amazing. My question has always been “How do they do that when, there aren’t as many effects on the editor?” So How do you design a page and what are some tips?

hi!! I´m cover page designer and use photoshop , this software is easy to use and you can get good results, this is my profile you can check out my cover pages
and this post you can get some advices

Which Photoshop do you use? and I love your profile cover ^.^

I use photoshop CS5

Did you pay for it to have some of the special features? and How did you add your work you did on the Photoshop onto the viki white blank space(or Editor)? Sorry for Many questions.

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what do you mean with special features? you have to save your design in photoshop as .jpeg or .gif (animation ) and go to the editor, and icon image ((next to source) and upload your image , don´t worry it´s ok if I want to help you

I mean, All programs usually advertise people to become a membership, so for trials they usually don’t give you all the features, unless you are doing a 7 day free trial to check it out. and Okay, and Thank you :smiley:

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i understand, yes I bought it , you can dowload from the net sometimes you can also get the serial number ,

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I Have a problem installing it. I downloaded the Manger thing but this thing pops up saying it failed

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do you only speak english right? I have a portable version but it´s in spanish

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I speak 3 Languages, I can speak English.

do you speak spanish?

No, SOrry, I don’t

Can I get the Spanish portable version please?