How do you know when a license is about to expire?

Ready to watch Addicted and suddenly it was gone. I’m assuming the license expired. Is there any way Viki can let us know when a license is about to expire so we can at least make sure to binge watch or finish a drama we’ve started?


I think at the moment you won’t know it in most cases. There was another thread about this topic some weeks ago and it was written that VIKI may change that in the future so viewers see an expiring date for licenses.

Sometimes you can guess that a license will expire when you suddenly see the ‘limited access’ info text but are still able to watch it (mostly just for a few more days).

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WOW you miss the chance to see addicted which is amazing from beginning to end, so next time don’t wait or put on hold. I saw it on N***x and is still there but I didn’t even know they had it here. I hope you get to see it.

Actually I did watch it once - I just really wanted to watch it again and again!

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lol I did too, twice already.