How do you "Minister" or give help to others? Or Has Someone Helped You? Especially during this hard time!


I’m from Colombia and we do the same thing, my parents make the sign of the cross even in a video call hehe


Oh wow that’s so nice! I would love if my kids let me go that far but they get embarrassed if I do it in public lol

I was getting my treatment today in the chemo clinic for Lupus, and the nurse on call today is from Colombia, and she told me that in Colombia they have a big spike of the corona virus, and she was trying to convince the other patient next to me, from going to Colombia (in 2 weeks) that patient also has/had? cancer and that was her last chemo treatment. How are things where your parents live? I hope all your family is safe.


My parents are good, actually all my family. They can stay at home and take care, both of them already received the vaccine.
But it’s true, we have a big spike now.


I found it so odd at this stage to be happening in Colombia, but then I heard in the news that China and Japan are going on lockdown so I don’t see the Olympics going through in Japan…:sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob: