How do you "Minister" or give help to others? Or Has Someone Helped You? Especially during this hard time!


So this past week a lot was said about Ministering! I don’t think that I am always the BEST at it. I try. My ministering might not be the same as yours. My favorite way is to just be “with” someone or take them something like a casserole. Is that more in my comfort zone- Probably.

Recently I have been sitting and working with a friend to help her STUDY. I have learned so much about what she is studying - I could probably take the class. We spend time together laughing and cutting up but also making sure that she studies and gets down what she needs to do. As fellow ADHD club members, we have to keep each other on track. We worked from 7:30 pm to 11 pm last night.

We laughed so HARD last night and spent time together but STILL she made or WE made a “A” again on her TEST!

How do you feel like you best minister to others?! Sometimes it is just the Little Things!💕


just being there, listen, console, friendship, fellowship a helping hand, helping others, give that kind word they need, yeah we aren’t to hug, but JUST being there is the key,

someone is hurting, be that friend they need, me? I so much want someone to talk to me, yes this senior person really feeling it now. BUT instead of me wallowing, feeling sorry for myself, I help someone, spread a little love, cheer and so on t

hats why I like to come on this discussion so much, it gets me out of ME! may not be much to y’all but it means a lot to me, listening to you, from the movies you watch, that scooomi thing and all, it lifts my spirits. thats a ministry in itself and I love it! so what ever you do it in love & kindness


I agree I think meeting people through these discussions and also the fact that I found kdrama and South Korea and all these wonderful actor, singers, dancers, which I think is a beautiful culture. I think it actually has enriched my life. Ok that sounds silly but I am better for it.

Listening is the best medicine and LAUGHTER - I love to LAUGH

Girl, I love to TALK so ANyTIme!


I hear you loud & clear! and thank you, I love to laugh too




Yes! I think giving someone your time, your ears to listen and your shoulder to cry on is one of the best gifts ever :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: When you are in a good place, sharing the love with someone who needs it. So many of my friends keep saying they’re depressed and unable to cope or concentrate…I try my best to listen and cheer them on. A lot of people don’t want you to ‘fix’ everything or tell them how to do things better, they just want someone to listen. “Weep with those who weep and laugh with those who laugh” something like that?

Not silly at all…I think I smile more and laugh more because of my silly romcommy kdramas with not very clever plots but full to the brim with warmth and love. I learned that being genuine is way better than trying to act cool. 2020 really changed my life…I found God and k-dramas, how could I be more blessed? :smile: The world needs joy right now and I’m happy to share mine! Discussions is such a cheerful place, I’m so glad to have found you all.


The world needs joy right now and I’m happy to share mine! Discussions is such a cheerful place, I’m so glad to have found you all.

that is so true! thanks y’all f\or sharing.


Having friendships with you guys - makes new roots - and grows new trees!



if we all could just do a good deed to or for someone that would be a good thing