How do you schedule your time for Viki activities?

When you are working or taking care of your family and enjoy sports or hobbies, how do you fit your time for either Volunteering at Viki or just watching dramas and/or chatting on Discussions Forum? When I used to fix up my house, my free hours would be only in the evening. Now that I have more time available and with Covid 19 it seems the rhythm has changed, meaning I have to watch the clock when I’m on Viki :rofl: - And what device you use the most for it?
Thanks for your input :bouquet:


I grab whatever free spots I have, whether intransite, or finally alone. :slight_smile: It is sort of my get-a-way :sparkles::wink::+1:t5:

I am always on my mobile. It’s funny, as I have twitter likes I thought were funny, about just that, always being on that cell phone. Who’s laughing at whom now? :smile:


In the past year, I’ve become a lot more active on Viki (and stalking discussions, reading everything, and nearly never commenting myself :joy:). I used to spend a lot of time going to and from university, but now I have all that time free. And that time was quickly spent here on Viki. Also, because a lot of my classes were canceled or online, I ended up watching them at a later time at twice the speed (because somehow my professors all talk very slowly).

I use my laptop to volunteer and to watch, but I use my mobile phone to answer messages because I’m too impatient if I’m away to wait until I get home to reply to people. :joy:


At the moment no busy projects so, Sunday mornings for subbing/editing, if possible.

Discussions - when I have some spare time in the morning/afternoon/night, whenever reading and taking part in it.

Using my laptop only, I rather use my 10 fingers, I am tall and don’t have small hands, so the mobile would be a bother for me.


hmmm… Like @leerla73, I use Discussions as an escape whenever I’m free.

When volunteering, I like to do one episode in one sitting, so I usually do it when I have free time between online classes or something like that. I never know when the volunteer before me finishes her/his job, so I usually check once every twelve hours. When I have to get editing done, I don’t check Discussions. I spend the same time I spend editing on the days I’m needed on Discussions when I’m not needed.

I usually use my desktop PC for everything Viki-related, though I do switch to my tablet to watch atuff sometimes.


I try to do what I can, I mean not to put so much pressure on me about subbing all the time or so.
I have to work and study and the time with my family, but I always take some time at night to watch at least one episode or two, that’s why sometimes I can’t finish the shows as fast as I wish.
Just take it as a hobby, you need to keep your regular things going.
I really enjoy when they assign the parts to the subbers and give us 24 hours because it means that I can participate hehe, but there are a lot of teams that give the go during working hours.

About the device it depends, usually during the day I use my computer, but at nights, sometimes I use my phone because I don’t like the tv on the bedroom hehe


I try to find a time when part of my schedule in my time zone overlaps part of the schedule of other Viki-ites without causing too much crankiness from lack of food or sleep.

And then I sit down in front of my desktop or tablet with fortifying snax and . . . binge-communicate, binge-watch, and binge-defend my personal integrity as a K-drama addict whenever (ahem) certain other Viki-ites call my addictive personality into question.



I come on Viki as soon as I wake up, early in the morning, when the house is quiet. As most of the volunteers are on a different time zone, it has been busy while I was sleeping.
I take care of any correspondence, visit Discussions and then start the work for as long as I can.
Then I also visit during the day and in the evening. Of course it depends on what day it is, if it’s the day when my projects are uploaded and what needs to be done.
As for watching, I like to do it when eating because while eating I cannot do anything with my hands. Of course, with Korean dramas, it’s a risky thing. You can always end up seeing someone stuff their mouths and then speak with mouth open, spitting the contents, or vomiting, or holding their behind because they have diarrhea or whatever.


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: @irmar what are you watching! :rofl::rofl::rofl:



And, Viki-ites, :rofl: I think there’s a thread about the name fans on Viki go by, and I don’t remember it being Viki-ites! :rofl:


As a moderator, I am totally proud of my (mostly female) subbers, who often do the housework and the family dinner after work and then sub to meet the deadlines.
Even though they only have to do 500 subs in half a year.


Wow, I can see there are many people who study, I think studying takes up lot of time even preparing for tests or finals or alike, because of Covid so many lessons are just online and like my daughter she isn’t that happy, she prefers class studies. - Anyway, that’s cool that you can juggle in between.

As for the device, I’m only using a laptop, I like to change rooms, I’m aware it’s not a healthy option. I watched few times dramas on my iphone 6s (little screen) where I didn’t have internet. Longtime ago when my laptop broke I had a cheap tablet including keyboard RCA from Walmart for yes 80$ and translated on that until one day I sat on the screen, don’t ask how it happened :rofl::persevere:

I do watch shows when I eat, I often have no one to talk to so I watch and eat… I’m not sure that it’s healthy as well.

I have occasionnally “lazy” days, that’s when I overworked myself the day before or it’s a very “doomsday” alike so I bingewatch, here as well I know it’s not healthy, what can you do when you want to know what happens after a cliffhanger !:rofl:

I write subtitles often in the evening and the reread/edit them in the morning, some dramas or movies are super easy and some Historicals can give me "headache. I’m trying now since I’m realizing how time flies by with being on Viki, to better organize time management… I had lot on my plate the last few years after mom died, I’m still not fully settled in new apartment and I somehow lost my time management thread… (since fun and entertainment is easier than duties)


As children, my sisters and I were absolutely forbidden to talk about anything unseemly during the dinner hour. “That’s not table talk!”

We could not speak with mouth full. Immediate evil eye.



We could not put our elbows on the table. “Edith, Edith strong and able, get your elbows off the table!”

Yet, ironically, at dinner time, the whole family watched TV while eating. And we could only talk during commercials!


Honestly, my work sometimes goes slow because I have to supervise other people so I can come here during the day sometimes.
There are other days when everyone needs me hahaha and I can’t even breathe!
And now for example I’m on vacations from my studies so I have more time.

Yes, it’s kind of give time to everything you like and enjoy.


During working days I check Viki and Discussions about 10-15 minutes after I get home from work (usually around 4-5 ish). I’ll be munching on walnuts or fruit yoghurt while checking what you lovely people wrote here.

Atm my team translates at least 4 episodes per week, which we regularly publish on Facebook Wednesdays and Fridays. So, we are on a little bit of a schedule there, which usually helps us keep things going. Unfortunately, both of our current projects are long (60 and 68 episodes), so it became a bit monotonous. The end is near, though (in a non-threatening, non-end-of-the-world way). :smirk:

Anyway, Friday and the weekend are my time to watch stuff and to get a head start on projects we haven’t started “publishing” yet. Occasionally I would also translate an OST of a drama we are translating, or a K-pop song.

Oh, and I’m bound to my Mac with an umbilical cord :sunglasses:


LOL, I didn’t know such thing existed, does Apple charge more for this feature :rofl:
So you have a pretty regular “working schedule” here. What’s the FB page called, that’s interesting you post updates there, which means you must have a broad viewership; if Viki only knew how you support them, besides on their web! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :star_struck:


Our team is called Azijska svaštara (Asian Scrapbook) and you can find us under that name on FB :blush:

The page also comes in handy when there’s something technically wrong on Viki. People come to us to complain, and then we complain to Viki in their name, since they don’t speak enough English to write a complaint or know where to file it.

So far they haven’t. Don’t give them any ideas :smirk:


That’s really cool that your language team takes care of your viewers, it must be also time consuming; that’s like a white glove service and certainly much appreciated! :bouquet: :pray:


IT IS VIKIANS. VIKIANS. :joy: But we’re not totally crazy over that name so anything works LOL


My way of working differs from day to day. I don’t have any scheduled times that I work on Viki. It’s mostly when I have energy bursts and then I can subtitle up to 2 parts of an episode. Other times I set a timer and see what I can do in 20 minutes. Sometimes I start and then quickly don’t feel like subbing anymore, so then I’ll decide to just subtitle 2 or 3 scenes and after that I quit for the day. There are days that I subtitle 2 or 3 different times and there are days I don’t subtitle at all.
I almost always watch shows on my laptop, I don’t really like the app and I never use it to work on Viki. I only watch shows through the app in case of emergency. Like if there is a power outage or if I’m in a train and want to watch a show.