How do you update your profile picture in discussions? (RESOLVED)

I’ve updated my profile picture in Viki, but it’s not letting me update the picture in here. I was hoping make the profile pictures the same. Can someone help?


Hi Ajumma2!
I am not sure, but t h i n k that it will do it “automatically” at least that is what I experienced.
I don’t know if it needs you to log out and in again, or it will happen after a while.


(I’m on my phone right now, so my directions might be off or out of place. :grin:)

If you click onto your Discussions profile by clicking on your picture [or something] in the right hand corner, you should see your posts and badges, etc. I don’t remember where the settings button is, but it should be somewhere near the top of the screen.

I’m sorry. You probably don’t understand what I’m even talking about, lol, but if you could send send me a picture of your Discussions profile, that would be more helpful for me to explain.

It should match up to your profile picture on the main site, but you might want to give it some time to see the change. If it hasn’t updated in like a day, you might have to log out of discussions / clear your cache.

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Logging out and logging back on did the trick! Thanks everyone!