How does it feel to age?

There are many women and a few men older (or younger) than us on this forum.

How do you feel about aging?
Care to give some advice or shed some light on life to younger ones?


Life ain’t over until your dead. You don’t have to reach all your goals before a certain age.
Don’t let the future completely determine how you live your present day life. You don’t know what will happen by then anyway. All your efforts may eventually turn out to have been in vain, yet options you never had thought of might suddenly arise.


I noticed that I started to make sounds during certain movements :laughing: that wasn’t a thing before. Also, I don’t feel any older than I was a few years ago. Now I understand why my parents always said that they felt like they were in their twenties.

Something I learned: one of the best gifts you can give yourself is to learn to love yourself. If you genuinely love yourself and acknowledge your shortcomings, it becomes easier to grow into the person you want to be :blush:


This is so true! We may go through some character development due to whatever life throws at us, but deep down we’re still the same person.


Honestly aging is different for everyone depending on how you lived and what habits you acquired over the years but for me, aging has brought so many great experiences although sometimes I wish I was a baby again lol! I’ve honestly started to understand what people mean when they say “life isn’t over until it’s over” or “don’t waste your precious time”. Those quotes have a thousand different meanings to a thousand different people but they speak to me in a way that sparks a drive to enjoy life as much as possible although I’m still young and I can’t move out lmao. Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it have an amazing day byee! ~


remember last week? do you remember yesterday? how about today? have you aged? tell me how YOU feel?

yesterday is gone today is now tomorrow never comes. as for me, I am amazed how time doesn’t stand still for anyone, my time is fleeting, maybe a few days or years to go, got things to do and finish, so whatever I do do it and not worry about tomorrow, tomorrow will take care of itself, note the first sentence and another thing, laughter does make you feel younger!!

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After reaching 40.

I evaluated many things. I killed off social media like instagram, facebook, twitter and actually just called up friends and meet up more. I live for the moments instead of worrying about taking photos and what to put on social media.

I also removed toxic friends from my life. Ones that are more concerned about their social rep than people themselves or ones that tend to never be happy for someone else’s success.

Also I value time more than anything else. Time flies so fast after 30 compared to under 30 I felt.

Eventually you also start planning the next 5 years of your life and where you want to be.

Wake up early every day even if you don’t need to. It sets you up for a good day every day and act of self discipline to achieve your goals.


In my head, I am in my late 20’s however my knees yell at me every time I want to do something and remind me I am OLD! lol

So yea, age is an illusion until your body reminds you that it is getting beat up by the years. :rofl:

I have my mind and it is in good condition (that’s debateable… lol) The body is tanking though :scream::innocent:


Maybe could say thinking “bit” more than younger. Life is teacher and students like me has to get mostly all things hard way. One way can say that from nature example, when seen different animals and thought them to be cute like tigers, panthers, polar bears etc, “i wanna hug it” feelings or something and if picture in mind that someone is running to wild animal biggest smile on face and realise in those few seconds that u prolly get paralyzed right after hearing huge roar and that cute beast is thinking that here comes breakfast right to table without making any hunting trip or u mihgt just hit ur head into glass window before getting even close to them. Thanks for parents they didnt take me into big jungle. And still can think all animals are mostly cute ones, with safe distance.

For lots of things can think also quite often same way as young, but difference is also to think even more often from other persons view points.
Experiences is making mind to fly as eagle but still that relaxing time with some movies, dramas etc just lie down and have luxury time in home. Without making any longer than this, everyone need to learn how make their own story by own chooses to enjoy each day. Age is not limiter, just need find that own thing that is going keep movement on^^

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Live and enjoy every day…
When you are tired, get a good night’s sleep…
If you are grieving, take the time to manage that grief…
Slow down when you start trying to outrun yourself…
Just do your thing, And be proud of it…:heart:

I hate my Crumplewrinkles :neutral_face: :roll_eyes: :grin:


I saw this on feed this morning and here is something to all the ladies who had their teens in America. I like observing the old times and I guess 60s is my favorite in terms of high school life.


Yes, ageing feels painful. Spine, head, eyes. Something somewhere always aches.
After 30 even metabolism is changing. Suddenly you can’t even eat what you want because you will get fat or your glucose or cholesterol level will be too high.


yep! Can you believe it! This is TRUE! There are SO MANY ABSOLUTE IDIOTS that visit Yellowstone and try to get close to the buffalo, elk, moose, deer and bears! They get gored and stomped on every year. They have no sense at all.

Then there are incredibly stupid people who try to take a short cut across a geyser field, fall through and get 3rd degree burns and die. Or the ones who think a hot spring on a river is something like a hot tub. They hop in and DIE. Makes one wonder where people’s brains are. They certainly aren’t using them.

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I personally feel some are ‘‘indirectly’’ committing suicide. How I know? Some of them have been ‘‘casually’’ record it, and the look they have is of a person in suicidal mode. The empty look, the no fear walk towards the object or animal is a dead give away. I’ve seen several on different sites and I feel they had the intention of getting hurt/dying.

aw that is so sad. :confused: If only they knew that it would not help them at all. They’d just be a ghost with the same mind but no physical body.

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