How fast time could fly by

It’s been around a year now that I first joined the VIKI community and was starting to contribute as a volunteer.

Back then I felt that I need something new, new challenges, new inspiration, new perspectives, new impulses.

When I look back I can say it was the right decision to start something new. Some things within that year might have changed in one way or another, some in good ways, some in bad - I didn’t expect last year that now, a year later, there’d be such a forced change in everyone’s daily life, no matter where you live, how old you are or how your private situation was before.

During that year I didn’t just watch some interesting Asian dramas but also got in touch with nice people around the world, great international teamwork and some lively discussions in the forums, no matter if it was about our favourite shows or more severe topics.

So how it’d be within a year? The world probably won’t be like before but hopefully at least some shelters continue to exist that are more independent from outer circumstances than the physical world. It could be an online community like VIKI, a gaming community, a streaming community…
…or even one’s own thoughts, dreams and fantasies…
And maybe today’s slogans of the #dailyheroes aren’t just PR and could last for longer to keep a bit of what is already part of certain fantasy online games - books, movies, stories and now of some people’s daily life - alive to form a new feeling of community within society.

:hibiscus:Thank you :sunflower:


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~and all the other VIKIans who aren’t listed because not everyone is in the forums (and I may not have every nick in mind):slight_smile:

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It’s not until you venture into other groups, other interests and other Discussions that you realize just how benign, civil, comfortable and supportive Viki community is. We have our strifes and disagreements, but there is always a common ground from which we start and on which we end up. Lovely to have had talked to you the past year. I’m very happy that you are so active on Discussions :blush: I wish more new volunteers would find their way here. Maybe then they would stay longer with Viki and be more active as volunteers, too.


What a surprise! I love UNHEILIG! Guess who first introduced him and his band to me? You prob know since you are active in that COVID thread. LOL. Btw, I can now understand why ppl listen to certain songs/music when they don’t (really) understand the language/music. LOL.

Enjoyed reading your thoughts (and others here on TD, too. Like @bozoli :slight_smile: :wave: ). Thanks for sharing your insights. And thanks for your tag.

Time flies, indeed.
Stay Healthy! Be Happy!
PS: I will be back with more… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Somewhere in 2018 (an otherwise horrible year) I went googling Korean dramas to watch. I didn’t expect to find anything, other than seedy websites with pop-ups of half-naked women that would crash my computer … but there was Viki! I kept watching without an account for more than a year before I took the first steps of subtitling.
But it wasn’t until give or take a month ago that I actually started getting active here on the discussions (and picked up subtitling again with more spirit than ever). And the main reason for it was not even the corona virus, which by that time had reached my country, but wasn’t being taken seriously by the government yet.
For half a year I had spent all my time, energy and devotion into something that eventually went out with a big, out-of-the-blue, inconceivable, totally unfair bang, which left me flabbergasted, lost, sad and angry.
And then I came here. Most people seemed to already have known each other for years, but even so I never felt like an outsider. I feel at home here and am happy to (get to) know all of you.


Happy 1st Anniversary!! :sparkles::confetti_ball::1st_place_medal:
(I might be late in saying that)

It was nice meeting you over this year and I hope that you but everyone will always find some kind of haven here! :beach_umbrella:


Congratulations :tada:

I remember that I stumbled across discussion after a few months of volunteering and couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen it before :sweat_smile:


Time flies fast on Viki :smile:

It’s sad how Viki seems to push the discussions further away from the public. They could make so much more out of it. E.g. isn’t Soompi connected to Viki? Soompis forum is very active for drama discussions. That could be connected or linked from Viki for people who want to exchange their thoughts.
I like the community and even though I don’t post too often, check the Discussions to see what is currently going on.


Ich dachte mir, wenn Unheilig, dann darf dieses Lied nicht fehlen :slight_smile:



It’s not available in my country! :frowning:

Maybe this one?
The same song, but a private video about it


Yes, that one works. Thanks. :slight_smile:

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Thank you all for your kind replies :sunflower:


I was thinking about mentioning this aspect

in my first post too but then I thought I’d keep it more universal also because different people search for different kind of surroundings and there’s always a chance to grow (I’ve even seen that in rough PVP communities although it took much more time).
In general I think that people who decide to join an international community may have a basic ability for compromises and different opinions, backgrounds… because no one can expect in a community that is various in many aspects to have just ‘one’ perspective when many have even a different mother tongue.
So this is quite a nice aspect of international /language/ communities.

Thank you :cherry_blossom:


Glad to hear that you like them! :slight_smile:
In the first song I posted he sings about people’s dreams and that in our dreams humans all have the same language and in the end we are all one /united as humans and that friendship is the bridge to connect each other no matter where you are (and also that the emotions, feelings and desires are same or at least similar because all are humans) and that we can learn from each other.

The second song is the one I already posted once about being a hero for just one day and then we’d be all heroes in the end.

The last song is that we’re born to (be) (a)live and what kind of experiences we make and who’s special and important and how hard it’ll be to continue living without certain important people and how much influence a certain person could have; and to realize that how or why to be alive is important/life in general and that because the passed person showed him how important life is he’ll continue to live and value life even without this special person.

I think I found it more or less at the same time but for some reasons it was bugged so I got a ‘wrong’ nick all the time and it was impossible to change until after some VIKI reworks with new layouts or so I suddenly got the nick I wanted xD (I was close to make a new account just for getting my nick but I was too lazy to collect my watch list again so I just ‘ignored’ that I got a nick I didn’t chose) :sweat_smile:

Ye that’s really sad, also that they do not implement things that make the access for beginners easier and the workflow for volunteers better. Recently with the new layout and changes the workflow is worse than before and certain areas have more bugs than before. I’d wish that they would focus more on the perspective of the volunteers instead of just on the passive viewers.

Have a good week~


When I first found Discussions, I didn’t understand what it was. XD For a second, I thought I had clicked a link by mistake and wasn’t on Viki anymore.

I remember at the time I started volunteering, I was going through a tough time, and I was just… sad for a long time. I saw the “volunteer and become a part of the community” and I thought “Why not?”. And I am glad I did it! It was something I never thought I would do. It was really nice doing something new, and I am glad I got to meet all of you.
I made a lot of friends and found very nice people to share interests with. :slight_smile: Especially here on Discussions.
Let’s keep this place a nice place for us to be friends on and to help and support those who need it and continue to welcome new volunteers and viewers into our Viki family.
Stay safe. :blush::hugs: