How many hours a day/week do you spend contributing to Viki?

We all know that volunteers spend countless of hours so that we can watch all our favorite series and such subbed. I sometimes wonder how many hours a day/week does everyone spend contributing on Viki next to watching your favorite series?

As for myself I sometimes think I spend a bit too much time contributing to Viki. It varies a lot but I think in general it’s about 1,5 hours a day. Sometimes I’m done in 30 minutes and sometimes I also spend 2+ hours.
Right now I have 7 projects and after these are done I decided to slow down a little so I have more time to just watch some series :slight_smile:

How about you?


It depends of the projects. A running project needs less time than a new one but I spend a lot of time too. I slowed down recently, but I used to spend around 20-25 hours per week.
Now it’s… Around 15-20…
It includes team managing, subbing, editing, design and tools creation. I don’t really listen dramas outside the “working area” because of lack of time… and energy.
Why do I spend so much hours? Don’t know :slight_smile: I’m addicted… and crazy :slight_smile:

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Hmm…i seriously have no idea…I spend a LOT that’s for SURE…i pop in and out of VIKI at random times…i even access viki in SCHOOL…that is how obsessed I am with it these days…i think I am officially going CRAZY!


I am current working on 5 projects, so I spend normally 1 to 2 hours every other day hahaha
But I dont mind, I really enjoy helping to sub to my native language.

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I’m on a hiatus so I only visit viki to watch shows. 0 hours for me! x)

I think I spend countless hours here. Other than school and real life. VIKI is my other home. I spend hours each day grading Seg101 students’ videos segment by segment, pointing out every inch of improvement necessary on their PVs and RPVs to help them succeed. That way, they would be good on their own to work on the Grad Videos and future projects.

Besides that, I have segmenting projects 7-days a week

Mon/Tues = Goddess of Fire Jung Yi, Good Doctors, Love Around

Wed/Thurs = Blade & Petal, Two Weeks

Friday = Just You

Saturday/Sun = Scandal

I also have to look after the channels (Two Fathers and Love Around) I manage, answering PMs, sending PMs, GO/STOP signals, moderate in the team discussion and comment board. Also creating tokens of appreciation to our hardworking volunteers and dedicated viewers.

Anyone else out there as crazy as I am?


Amy! :slight_smile: Yes we all are crazy these days.I think we just might have the Viki virus and of course Jojoo too…everyone running from one channel to the other either segging, moderating and doing all other random things…its all crazy i tell you!!!

definitely not like you… I used to be like that.
I mostly moderate channels,answer messages and PM. Lately because of segmenting express i have always been on. Plus watching the shows. But once school starts, i won’t be on much. I always disappear. But i have taken on quite a few upcoming projects, so i can’t disappear.

Yes Salz, I am like you too( well kinda) .i don’t think i can handle segging from channel to channel on projects that fall on the same day and yeah since school has started, i would probably come to viki less…oh well real life is priority :slight_smile:

I spend approximately 1- 4hours each time I log in to subtitle a drama. I try to make an effort to log in 3 attempts for subtitling and 2 attempts for watching every week. ^.^ Days for subbing & watching a drama will be different. :slight_smile:

Wow Amy! That’s impressive!

Thanks Hesto for your compliment. Two Fathers and Love Around is over soon and I’m going to take a short hiatus from Seg101 teaching after Kalis and ZtarBrite graduates. Therefore, I should have more free time soon =D

Wow i just found this topic…
I also spend COUNTLESS hours here… from when i wake up till i go to bed my laptop as well as my phone is always on with viki open…
From moderating to subbing… segmenting… editing… answering questions… helping people and guiding newbies… not to mention watching of course…
I don’t know if anyone have done that… but sometimes i am even taking my laptop with me to segment/ sub at uni… my friend call me crazy lol… I guess i am x.x


I wish i can be like you all but I wont be able to. I am committed to my kids and family, so the only time i get viki is in the AM’s lol! I want to be able to contribute but that wont happen soon, I’ll take a design in a blue moon and im learning to segment but since this new nanny job i have no time so i will commit to kids and the segmenting I want to accomplish. ( only goal right now). :slight_smile: I give you all props I wish i had the time like i did 6 years ago, Maybe i would have been a master at alot lol! Thank You all for spending all the hours you do in viki! I really appreciate all the work you all do!

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I am always on viki at school hahaha
reading messages or the comments here in the discussions
Sometimes I have to laugh and all my friends just look at me like I am crazy… I can’t even tell them why I am laughing they won’t understand…

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You are awesome…
I don’t have that many projects , 6 but I am the moderator of just 2 of them and even with that I am not able to sub regular, just at night and weekend bcs of school…
If I start subbing sometimes 3 or 4 hours a day, sometimes at a time, sometimes the whole day hour for hour …
Well my friends can’t understand why I am doing that haha and they don’t understand why I want to learn segmenting for example. I can’t explain it either. I just love it and It’s fun. Just like others are going to play football or ballet hahaha


expect for school & hw time (AND FOOD TIME) i spend the rest of my day here, unless i just started a drama and im crazy about it… then that (watching it) would be all i do until i finish it

I spend basically all of my working hours on kdramas and when I get home, so lets say over 8 hours a day. There are times that I will have to fight myself not to go on my computer or kindle. I really don’t want to talk to anyone went I am watching kdramas. I lol and cries, get mad but still watch. LOVE IT

Some times, it’s many hours per day, plus the hours I’m overthinking about vocabulary details.
Some times, it’s no action for months.

To be honest, I like watching dramas better than working on them. :worried: