How Many Movies on viki

Seems like viki free account is totally un bearable with advertisements and i am thinking to get subscription. is it viki worth to subscribe? how many movies roughly on movie? are those can be seen without any advertisement and no interruption? thnaks

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The Viki Pass only gives ad free and HD quality (when available). It does not give you access to more content, how much you can see depends on where you are from.
If you think Viki offers enough (but with ads) now then it’s worth the money.
If you want to be able to watch more getting a QC status might be a better option.

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viki pass its not adds free, i just watching movie and there are adds coming 10 times at least for a part.

It depends which channels you are watching…
fan channels for example are not affected by viki pass so you will see some ads…

i see, thanks

How long is one part?
Fan channels have to use Youtube or Dailymotion videos. Previously, I’d only get like one ad per 10 minutes, at most. If you’re watching a full length episode or movie, it makes sense that you’ll see that many ads (I guess); otherwise, it’s still a bit odd :?