How Shin Hye Sun Made Me Love Kdramas Again

The truth is that I had stopped watching Kdramas. I partly blame it on Viki with their horrible decision to licence some real stinkers. I also needed to focus on my work.

On a whim, though, I decided to give 17 but 30 a try. All I can say is that it was the best decision ever!
Shin Hye Sun made me realise that not everyone needs to be a medically-enhanced beauty queen who came straight out of an idol factory.
She has pleasing features, yet she’s someone whom you could see on the street and not feel uncomfortable to ask for directions. She looks like you and me, like everyone. She’s not some sculpture, but a human being. I genuinely like that.
Of course, people are people, so some were quick to criticise her appearance. Well, let me tell you one thing: You can always cover up your face with make-up and even undergo surgery, but you can never cover up an ugly heart.
Beauty and kindness exude from within, making Shin Hye Sun incredibly beautiful.
She was absolutely perfect in 17 but 30. After years of acting in the shadow of others, she finally got her big break. I wish her all the best!

Even if you can’t find the drama on Viki anymore, please watch it somewhere else. I wholeheartedly recommend it!



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I agree, she fit the character perfectly and I loved her acting. Ever since I saw her in Legend of the Blue Sea I wanted to see her in other dramas and I’m glad they gave her the lead in this one :slight_smile:


@adrianmorales Thanks!

I was trying to watch this drama since it gets so many good reviews/comments but so far no luck. Hopefully they’ll add it in Ntfx.

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Thanks for sharing. I’ve watched all her dramas since “School 2013”. Since seeing her in weekend drama “Five Children” she has become a favorite. Her performance in “Seventeen but Thirty” kept me glued to the screen. Looking forward to her upcoming projects.

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Can you watch it on DF ?

I just tried to watch on DF but it keeps buffering and the screen goes black. I did a while back the free trial with another drama so I would have to pay and DF is not worth it.

I want to know if you’re watching this one although it just started I’m obsessing over it. I really love this one, too.

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It’s on my list. I usually just add dramas without any prior info, so I’m glad to learn that it’s good. Thank you!

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She surprised me on 17 but 30. I didn’t think she was a good actress before: in Five Children she had that pouty way of speech that drove everyone of us crazy, and I saw her doing the same thing in other roles as well.
But here her acting has truly evolved and really shines. Yes, her expressions are a bit limited, she’s a bit repetitive, but she was utterly convincing in the role, which she brings to life in a charming way, and her smile infectious. Well done! This made me expect even more from her in the future.
If only her co-star could evolve too. He played the exactly same character as in Temperature of Love, and in the very same style. He is likeable, but a bit wooden. Let’s wait and see, maybe his moment will come too.

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Here’s hoping Viki licences Death Song

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The smile that left her eyes Japanese version is of an incestuos theme which is why I ALWAYS detest most Japanese dramas. I wonder if South Korean version would dare to go that far.

I was shocked to confirm that in effect the main characters are brother and sister in the Japanese version. Really gross if they run the story exactly the same way. I hope not bc I’ll be so DISGUSTED and disappointed.

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Based on the that review alone, it’s a hard pass !!!
I’ll stick to my romcoms. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Just watched the drama and loved it.

I guess it is a regional thing, if you can watch it at Viki, or not. I watched some of her other work like Five Children and My Golden Life as well, it is fun watching her play.

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Could you please put a big spoiler warning on your post/or use the “blur spoiler” function? Not everyone watched the original/read up on the whole story before starting to watch the Korean version! I already got spoilered by accident because some idiot spoiled the plot on the drama’s comment section. :unamused:

And remakes don’t have to follow the whole plot of their original 1:1.


So, if you know that remakes DON’T follow the same story plot, why should it concerned you what I wrote here? And what need is there for yu to tell me to write ‘‘SPOILER?’’

I don’t need to write SPOILER here bc this is not the cover or drama page. This is a discussion page YOU chose to read what I wrote HERE and if you went into the link I ADDED here that’s on you, not ME.

I have the same RIGHT to write here what I want without you trying to make it look I did something wrong AND SPOILED IT FOR YOU. No, I didn’t. You DID that to yourself.

You know very well the drama comments on the page can HAVE spoiler so, is your chose to read comments before you watch the episode, and encounter an ‘‘spoiler’’ that’s on YOU not the person who wrote the comment. THIS IS NOT NEW I’ve been here since 2013 and ppl write spoilers all the time, and if go to the comment section, that’s a chance you, I or anyone takes.

I don’t mind spoilers (except in the cover page that bothers me a lot) bc it was ME/I, who decided to read the comment section before I saw the episode, and is widely known some ppl that watched the drama might add a scene we didn’t see yet, a ‘‘spoiler’’ like they want to call it.

Now, I added the link for those who wanted to look into it bc my issue was I recommended the drama and the incestous theme in the Japanese drama might be in the Korean version, too. Now, in the case of a copyright issue, the Korean version can only change the incestous theme, if the writer is the same and he/she allows the new version to be changed.

I have to admit I AM GLAD I encountered the same ‘‘spoiler’’ you did bc I don’t like dramas that have incest involved in them, and I have no interest in giving my ATTENTION to any drama that has this sick theme in them. I posted this bc I suggested the drama before I read the spoiler and I felt uncomfortable I was recommending a drama like that.

Now, I always feel that ppl here tend to act offended when in reality is a common sense thing, everyone is entitled to write what they want YOU READ at your OWN RISK.

While you feel this guy SPOILED IT for you. I am THRILLED he added that SPOILER. I think is time we use more common sense and stop pointing fingers at others. We have to make better choices and not force others to do what’s convenient for us.

On that note, I will never write spoiler here unless I’m giving full detailed beginning to end of the drama. A comment, an issue I’m discussing doesn’t make it a spoiler. The link is not a spoiler, if you don’t go and read it. But like you wrote here, the korean version might not be exactly as the Japanese 1:1

On that note, as great as the drama started, and how much I like the main actors, I will not be watching this drama, and that’s a choice I made on my own, it wasn’t the spoiler. The same way I know you will continue watching the drama spoiler and all, as you call it. It’s a matter of choice and people’s right to have different opinions and have the freedom to exercise that right.

I have always feel condemning one person, and feeling a victim is very unfair when it comes to ‘‘spoilers’’ issues.

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