How to become a moderator

Hello everybody

I’m new here and want to help with english to german subbing.

Now i have a few questions:
I already looked trough some projects, where i can apply easily. Now my question is: When you’re having experience with subbing, for example like after a half a year, can you already be a moderator? Do you have to take a special training/exam for being a moderator? And what exactly is your job as a moderator?

I didn’t found any discussion yet on this subject, thats why I started a new one.
Thank you in advance for your reply!



First of all read this there Viki has stated how channel management works.
No, there is no special training to become a mod or something and you mostly don’t really need experience.
I’m a mod on a few channels and for one channel I’m just there to help people and answer questions while for an other channel I did recruit a whole Dutch subbing team, make sure everything goes as smooth as possible for my team, answer questions, solve problems when possible, guide my team where needed and keep them informed about things they should know, help with subtitles and do edit them when needed.

So in short what a mod does depends on the channel and also how you fill it in yourself. I decided to sub and edit too, other mods don’t sub/edit, some channels also give other jobs to mods like moderating the timed comments, PM the subbers/seggers when it’s time to seg/sub and such.

I hope it helped.


Thank you for the detailed answer! I will definitely do some subbing for more experience! Thank you very much :slight_smile:

I found your answer very helpful, Thank you! I also had this same question in mind. I sub Thai - Eng, but I have been doing a bit of moderation here and there. With more experience I hope I can be a mod as well. :slight_smile: