How to Become a Segmenter

To start: Welcome :wink:

If you’re on this page, you’re probably wondering how to become a segmenter. Here you can find a small and shorter detail of what can be found in the Viki explanations.
First: open this link :
If you have read the introduction and explanations, let’s move on to the serious part of the work.
Be sure to answer all the questions in the form [APPLY FOR SEGGING ACADEMY]
If you have done that, wait: one of the sensei will contact you, then you will receive all other notifications that may be of interest to you. Feel free to ask your sensei a question.

I hope you have fun.


Thank you Bepina for this short but complete explanation, I’m already a ninja, I have to mention that I had super senseis, they always selflessly took care of me, gave useful explanations and answers. I like your post because it’s not half a page long and yet it contains everything. I encourage anyone who wants to become a segmenter to sign up today via this link. Once again, thank you.



Thank you dear Ena :wink: