How to design a page?


As your explanations were really successful last time, I am finding me here again for another question.

I saw, that many pages have these “enlarge” photos, where you can click on it and enlarge the photos. I think, it’s a good idea, as I can include more picture on the cover page, but it still would be clear for the fans.

Does anybody know, with which source code I can include the photos to make this happen? I already searched in the web, but the codes I used didn’t work the way I wanted to~

Thank you again für your response :smiley:

Best greetings!
Soo Yun

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Do you have an example?

True! I also wanted to know how. Unfortunately I don’t remember any examples right now… =(

I also have another doubt about html codes. Whenever I try to add a scroll box to my profile, for example, even when I determine where I want it to be (P.S. In the management options it looks perfectly fine), after saving and going to the original page the scroll box appears in a completely different place. It seems that viki doesn’t accept the code that I’m using, or is incompatible with it. Does anyone have a clue about that?
Here’s the code that I used:

<div style="overflow: auto; height: 213px; width: 206px; text-align: centery; background-color:#e8c6bd;position:absolute;top:490px; left:225px;"></div>


Okay, so guys… I’m working on a channel design, but I’ve run into a bit of a problem. I’m trying to post a few images vertically, but gaps keep showing up between them. Tried using the vspace thing, but that didn’t do anything.

Any ideas?

I solved that issue by setting the alignment to Left. That’s the only solution that I’ve found after a lot of research! Other codes didn’t work =(

@Luzevedo Thanks for the tip! I actually ended up using a bunch of div containers - one per image - and that worked out fine enough.

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this is my page check it out, (“follow this dramas” “Dramas that I´ve seen” " Movies that I´ve seen") but I think you´re talking about a div container right?, so I can help if you are talking about this

@mag11 How do you avoid spaces between pictures? Do you use a specific code?
I’ve only tried it once, but after testing many codes the only solution that worked was setting the alignment to left, like I said. Or saving the whole thing instead of using separate images (I think that’s what you did in your profile, am I right?).

When I have the chance I’ll also try scircus suggestion. ^^
Btw, @scircus … you only addded one div container for each image or did you also add a certain code in each one?

@Luzevedo If it’s just one image on top of another, yes, I just use one per image.

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you don´t need a specific code to avoid space between pictures, and the code you used to create a div doesn´t work in viki, I use a different one

anyone knows how to add a youtube playtlist in a cover page

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I’ve gotten pretty good with that.

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thank you so much, I´m gonna try it

How can I add scroll bars to a cover page? I had scrolls on my page before, but now my code doesn’t seem to be working anymore. Is there a website I can go to get it that works for viki?

I use this code: <div style="overflow: auto; height: 300px; width: 400px; text-align: justify; background-color: transparent;margin: 0 auto;">


Ok, I’ll try it. Thanks! :smile:

Thanks Luzevedo! It works for me! :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Thanks Luzevedo! It works for me, too! :slight_smile:

can anyone tell me the hight and width of the page cover