How to design a page?

Hello! Can someone teach me how to designe a page? I just… want to do it.
But I have no Idea how to do it.

And if someone can tell me how to be a channel manager? And please don´t send me to viki support or something like that. :slight_smile: Thanks!

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I don’t know how to design a page, but only viki support can make you a channel manager.

If you wanna be a Channel Manager you HAVE to go to Viki support, and read all the stuff they have about it, there is a section that says “New to Viki” and “Volunteering” and read all the links.You have to make a request as you will read and only them can ask the license for the show, drama Etc and give you the ok. After they give you the channel you can design it.

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In fact, to be a channel manager, you have 2 general options.
1: you go in the Community page on viki’s website. At the right, you’ll see a green button Create a channel. You click on it, you enter the name of the drama you want to propose to the website. Before doing that, make sure no one open a channel for the same drama. But anyway your channel will not be approved if there is already one for the drama.
2: you can ask through the help center for any drama/movie/music channel you find without a channel manager, or with Viki as the CM. There is a lot of channels without a manager but it’s not the popular ones, of course.

For any way you are choosing, keep in mind that a drama needs a lot or contributors and work, and it’s a big responsability. It’s a good idea to begin with a music channel, it let us beeing confortable with the fonctionalities and the feeling of beeing a manager, because it’s a completely different world than the one of a subber :slight_smile:

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For the design, what is your question, exactly? With what we’re working? Where we find the ressources? Some are simple, some like me are crazy and likes to do complicated designs

I usually use microsoft power point show to design pages. I insert related pictures and write informations needed on a slide. Then save as jpeg format. That’s all. Very easy. Try it :wink:

I use Gimp or Photoshop, either are good. I’m really a design freak.,
I did my profile with gimp
I’m not that much into designing.
Just put some pics and letters… :wink:

Mellie help! lol i was trying to give her the link about the channel submission the green one, but now I’m the one who has a problem … I clic on it but absolutely nothing happens, I have clic on it before but now is not working for me… does anyone else experience that?

Hahaha I’m not Mellie, I don’t honk cute guys lolllllllll
Just teasing you lolllll

I don’t know why it happens, did you try to open a new window and click on it an other time? Sometimes there is technical problems due to our system who is dumb… Mine is often like that!!!

lol lol I know I typed wrong sorry hun, lol … I’m frustrated now lol, I can open the link, ahhhrg

Exactly! that.
And thanks! n.n

thank you I’ll try! n.n

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milliefleurie…I think you are one of those cool page designer in Viki. I can tell you’re a design freak indeed…I might need your help maybe in the future, milliefleurie (tips and tricks wise).

Thanks :slight_smile: Did you see my profile today? I don’t want to take the credits instead of the real artist but the lady with the red hairs are not my creation, I don’t know the owner but I put the credits on the image. I liked this image so much that I put it on my profile, but I don’t like to use images that I did not make myself, I have this impression of stealing the artist.
But… lolllll… Because there is a “but”… For now I will use this one.
I am learning to make many things for the designs, like the glass look on Innocent Lilies. This is so fun and the possibilities are unlimited!!!

Yes I do…:)…I don’t know why…it reminds me of Alice and Wonderland somehow… You put the credits though. It should be alright, I suppose.

Hi! I’m new in the design area and have already tried out some design.

I’ve just got a main problem. How do you guys make the body (background, so you can write on it and put pictures on it) of the cover? Till now, I’ve done it with my programms and then inserted it as a picture, but it doesn’t really looks nice when you have so many white gaps in the cover. I thought, that maybe you can make it with the viki editor, but I didn’t find a way to do so.
I already tried out the “DIV” Button (Creative Div Container) and then made a special container, so the background-container appeared. But I still cannot change the whole colour of the background wall, cause I don’t want it to be grey/white.

And a 2nd question: How do I include different kinds of typefaces to write with them?

Thank you for your help!
Soo Yun



  1. Body background; if I get what you’re saying, you just want to change the color of the background to some non-white solid color?

I usually just add the code in by hand, so this is how I’d so it.
Go into the source/code part of the editor.

Before everything else, add <div style="background-color:#FFFFFF;">
And at the end of everything, add </div>

Replace the FFFFFF with a color hex code of your choosing.

  1. Text font faces

Although you’ll see different fonts on some older channels, as far as I’m aware, Viki somehow disabled choosing fonts…? So you probably won’t be able to get different fonts unless you use images of text.

Someone, feel free to correct if I’m mistaken…since I don’t actually do much page designing.


Ah I see! I’ll try it out.
Thank youu very much!!

Yeah… unfortunately. It would be cool to have an inhouse design editor, it would be make things much easier.

Thank you again!!