How to find an active Volunteer or QC for a specific language or any language?

What do you do when you look (or want to recruit) for a volunteer for a specific language.
Yes, I went to volunteer finder, I put in for example German language.
I find some, when looking at their profile they subbed like a year ago or account is closed
Now where do you find a list of active subbers including QCs???
I can ask in project board, but not everybody does access “discussions”.
How do you find active viki volunteers including QCs, please enlighten me, also when you go to your
settings, should there be a box where you can write in what language you can sub?
Did I miss something somewhere?? This issue has be several times addressed, I hope Viki staff will read this too.


I’m not a CM, but from what I hear, there are two basic ways. One is to check your old projects to see who was the moderator there for any given language.

The other way is, there used to be a list of top 20 subtitlers for a language, where most of them also served as moderators on the projects. However, I can’t access any of these lists anymore. Problem occurred when they moved the lists to Project Finder’s left side and I couldn’t scroll down to reveal the full list.

I agree that there should be a more efficient way of finding the right volunteers, whether moderators or subtitlers or segmenters. Viki should put some effort into it. Because that Volunteer Finder just ain’t working.


I think the volunteer finder never really worked.
Maybe try to find people by going to projects that were subbed in a particular language and see who the subbers were or the moderator as bozoli said.
Better start from the airing drama or the newer popular ones.
I think after a time you’ll see that the active members are usually the same.

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What you can do is asking the people you know if they can suggest someone and work from there. Or indeed look at other channels and see who work there in the language you need and PM a few. That’s how I start when I have a new channel start with sending invites to some people. When I was recruiting subbers myself I just PMed people I worked with before or I saw around a lot on channels I worked at.

I think invites work best as indeed not everyone will read here and some might not keep an eye on all channels they can help at.


this is an idea but oh god sooo time consuming, I think if Viki can track the subs/segs for us
to tell, it would be nice if Viki could come up with some type of a list or a page to access a summary
in particular with the mentioning what the volunteer does, segging, subbing, editing etc.
The 1-25 subbers per each language was a tiny way to look faster.
Ive tried the “discussions” board in past and there is little or no feedback, newer subbers/volunteers
do not always use the discussions.
Germans have also a kakaotalk group of 200+ members and not all German volunteers
are on kakaotalk or have such smartphone to use.
as @dudie says I could try the Invite, that is one more of possibility to get feedback.

I so agree with this topic. As a CM, the volunteer finder is a complete waste of time. All the people there are no longer active on Viki. Plus, as someone already mentioned, the top 25 volunteer list is gone and I can’t find it for my life. That was at least a bit helpful.

It would be nice if Viki thought of making life a bit easier for CMs and Moderators, so that we can recruit and keep the channels going when needed.


There could be a page with subtitlers lists, where you can see the date joined, the number of subtitles, the language, whether they are QC or not and most importantly the “last active on” date. And you can filter by any of these columns.
Not that the number of subtitlers is ANY guarantee for quality. As has been often noted, there are moderators with more than ten prestigious projects to their name who are absolutely horrid at translating.

Now, the slow method of subtitler hunting in past projects is the only one possible. I agree it’s veeery time consuming, but I’ve found my best collaborators this way.


Hi Simi,

yes, I know this problem, too. Especially for chinese dramas, it’s so difficult to find subbers, Sometimes I end up in subbing alone or with just one or two more subbers. For popular, new korean dramas it’s not so diffcult. But I would really appreciate a kind of “Subberlist”, too.

When I get offers from Viki users, who want to help subtitling, I usually accept them, even when they are rookies, in order to find and “train” xD good new subbers. And if the team is already closed, I try to fit them into the next project. :slight_smile:

Simi, you should make your own list of subbers and when you have new projects, you can ask around, if someone is interested in your project. We have a german subber list with the kkt name and the viki name, I will send you the link.At least those are active and you can see, if they are QC’s or not.

Astrid, I haven’t really had many own projects, I’m currently helping a newer QC with moderator role and recruiting… as you know with NIF it is an ongoing struggle because that drama is for some very difficult. This drama is also a saguk So the subbers I had are either not active anymore or are with the on air drama. I got the german kkt list that I have totally forgotten about, so thank you so much.
I also try to send an invite like dudie said. - Yet I’m thinking that a viki list through their system could/should be doable for developers (wishful thinking :laughing:).

Hi Simi,

good luck for your Newbie! :+1:

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