How to get started?


so whats the beginning, how do I start this? steps? I think I can get that Discord, so I am game, show me


Which of the servers are you interested in? :slight_smile:
The one for drama lovers?


Hello! Just go the show you ant and click the popcorn bucket! EASY!


Go to the show you want to watch party, and click on the popcorn bucket. Enter the info they ask for. Then come and post the time and show over here in Discussions or join the Drama Lovers server and post it there. When the time comes, you can start your wath party.

If you want to join a watch party, click on any of the ongoong parties you’d like to join on the main Viki page, under the main banner.
Or you could keep checking Discussions and Discord to see if anyone is hosting a party. They’ll provide the link and time. You just need to click on the link when the time comes, and it’ll take you to the watch party!

Once inside, there’s a live chat where you can chat with the other party members :blush:
For more information, this is the Help Centre article

If you habve any othet doubts, feel free to ask us here! :wink:


so I clicked the popcorn button,

ok my experiment, I followed directions, so I am doing aq Watch party

the love equation, I may be a bit early, but here goes, I am eastern standard time, I know there’s different timelines and all, sorry I am not a night person, so I thought 1 PM would be a good time, eastern time. and this is one I haven’t watched, I am thinking daily, not sure if that would be helpful, I know y’all are busy and all, so if nothing else give me some advice, this is a newbie here

maybe a couple of times a week is better?? looks like it ended!!

I think I do have that Discord, I will check that,


So you scheduled it for 1PM Eastern? Cool. Post the link in a new topic and whoever can join will join… at 1PM, you can start the Watch Party.


ok will do it, Watch party & 1 pm today Eastern time, USA, my first experiment



Since this is the ‘How to Get Started’ topic, I’ve tried to make a little tutorial. I hope it can help someone.

The official guidelines from Viki can be found here:

Instructions with snapshots:

Step 1: the popcorn button

  • First choose the episode where you would like to start your watch party.
  • Try to find the popcorn item, by hoovering over the episode and click on the popcorn button.

Note: the popcorn button is not available for all dramas


Step 2: Starting the party

  • After clicking the popcorn button a screen appears. All you have to do is click on the button “Create Watch Party”


Congratulations, you have made a Watch Party!! :partying_face:
But it will look a bit empty at first:

That’s because at first you are the only one at the party. If you would like people to join, you would have to let them know where the party is. :slight_smile:

Step 3: Sharing the party with friends

  • Try to find the url of the watch-party. Usually you can find it somewhere at the top of your screen (the link in the browser you are using) It should look like something like this:
  • Select this link completely and copy it
    (I use Ctr+A to select All of the url, next Ctrl+C to Copy the url)
  • Go to the Discussions forum and start a topic (or press Reply on an existing topic). In your reply choose the chain icon.


  • In the pop-up called “Insert Hyperlink” copy your url (Ctrl+V to paste it)


  • Click OK to save the hyperlink in your message
  • Click Reply to post your message on the Discussion forum.

Now people can find your url, click on the url and join your Watch Party.
You can also share the url on other media.
Let the party begin :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

Things might look a bit different for you for different devices. Perhaps others could let us know how it looks and works on your device?


Awesome tutorial! Thank you.

I see where the confusion may have been coming from because I forgot that the watch party itself will have the ‘chain’ icon, which you can actually click on to get a copy of the URL instead of copying it from the web address line. Just to confuse things even more. LOL


thank you! I will try again later.