How to have a comfy Korean-style home

About ten years ago, I gave up sleeping on a western-style bed in order to deal with some back issues. I needed a very firm surface to sleep on, and the firmest one I knew of was my bedroom floor.

About three years ago I started sleeping on a western-style bed again because (due to a very cold winter) I kept getting what they call a wry neck from sleeping on the cold floor. A muscle spasm that, in many ways has not gone away yet!

Last year, I had my house “foamed,” and the floor in my bedroom is not a sheet of ice anymore.

I am now looking for an inexpensive matt of some kind to serve as the foundation of a bed.

A number of years ago I bought a beautiful Japanese shikibuton from Amazon, but unfortunately a sweet old cat of mine who was on her way out, so to speak, peed all over it, and I had to put the whole thing in the trash.

Just recently I found a website with bedding and other household items made from organic linen and cotton, and it suggested a large shiatsu matt for sleeping on the floor. Sounds good, looks pricey.

Any other suggestions would be very much appreciated.

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I suggest you go for the heating floors if you haven’t, so your comfort will be more in the winter time. That’s the stuff of the dramas we watch. Thankfully we have electricity available, and not just for the rich.

As for the foundation of a bed, you may want to try using a mattress topper on top of your mat choice. Using a sponge mattress topper under the mat you’ll select, if you have uncarpeted floors, will give it comfort, and traction. Why not go for another (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)(◠‿・)—☆

Based on your topic, are you going for the entire home, as a Korean-style makeover?

P.S. - This is likely more a social, or general discussion topic, verses a language/Korean. Meh! I know the categories are not choseable, when it’s outside of volunteer related categories.

I can’t have an entire Korean-style makeover since my house is a 1907 American Foursquare. However, the framing and floors are, where not “updated” in the 1930s and 1940s, still old-growth, hand-hewn cedar. And a number of walls are lathe-and-plaster walls.

Unless there is an inexpensive DIY hanok kit at Home Depot, I don’t think I’m going to be a whole “re-do” in this lifetime or any other.

I chose this discussion because the Korean fashion topics and Korean makeup and skin care topics didn’t seem right.

Is there a topic that is a Viki version of Monthly Magazine Home?

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We sleep on the floor a lot, especially when lots of people come over… I don’t know if it works for extremely cold places, but putting a mat under the mattress usually insulates the bed quite a bit from the cold. A mat made of bamboo or something similar. It also doesn’t get sticky in hot weather, so it’s a pretty good option for cold floors. You can put your quilts on top of the mat for comfort/heat.

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When I was a kid in Texas, my mother bought what were essentially tatami mats for us to sleep on when the weather got really hot and our regular beds and sheets were hot and sticky. Thanks for the reminder!