How to...(please help)

I’m in segmenting101, and my mentor sent me the following message:

the ‘F’ key Pauses and Plays the video, while we are in the Segmenter Editor Tool.

We use it to determine if the Subtitle box appears Before or After the character starts speaking.

For example : if you pause the video [ using the ‘F’ key ] at the beginning of a segment and the Subtitle Box for that segment appears Before the Character speaks, the segment is considered Early…

However, even though it was to explain a question I asked, it only left me more confused. When I try to do this, it’s seems the same as if i were to use ‘P’ to pause.

Please help me understand the difference. Thanks.

F and P both pause the video. Some prefer to use the P and some prefer using the F. Personally I use the P more because that’s easier for me if I look at the position of my hands when segmenting.

I’m sure there are many people here that can help you but you really need to pose these questions to your instructor. That way your instructor will become more comfortable knowing your level of knowledge and experience while being able to better answer your questions. I’m sure your instructor won’t mind being asked to explain something again or in a different way.


You were right. Thanks.

It’s different also when you use a different keyboard. Especially the azerty its harder. I use the f.