How would you translate "Fasten Your Seatbelt" in Spanish?

Google Translate says
“Abróchense los cinturones” but I don’t trust Google. There must be a set phrase that they say in airplanes.

Hi :sunflower:

We can say:

‘‘Abróchate el cinturón’’ or ‘‘Abrocha tu cinturón’’ (Informal, third person - singular)
‘‘Abróchese el cinturón’’ or ‘‘Abroche su cinturón’’ (Formal, third person - singular)
‘‘Abróchense los cinturones’’ or ‘‘Abrochen sus cinturones’’ (Second person - plural)

:airplane:But If you are talking about airplanes, a general message could be:

We ask that you please fasten your seatbelts:
-Por favor, les pedimos que abrochen sus cinturones.

Please fasten your seatbelts and prepare for landing:
-Por favor abróchense los cinturones y prepárense para el aterrizaje.

We request that you stay seated with your seat belts fastened:
-Les solicitamos que permanezcan sentados con los cinturones abrochados.


It is the title of a film. Which is about an airplane flight.
Therefore, Abróchense sus cinturones seems to be the right one.
Thanks a lot!
This film was wholly translated in Spanish, but the title was missing!

Interesting film, by the way… Alongside the comedy and the social satire there are some very moving moments and often makes you think.

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But is depend of the context? I Belive that.
Can‘t ajustense los cinturones o ajustense sus cinturones I heard that in someone movie.

I clearly said in my first post that I want the standard phrase they say in airplanes. In every language there is this sentence, and it’s always the same.

But is more usual with said @ladyvillegas