How you guys enjoying the season 2 of Yumi Cells?


I’m absolutely LOVING this new season! Park Jiyoung is such a good handsome actor. I love his character, Yu Babi, he’s totally my type. I love how straightforward and honest he is, is so different from all the k-drama characters I’ve seen. I got so frustrated with Wung and Yumi last season because they didn’t communicate their feelings!!! I hate that.



About the last episode. What do you guys think is going to happen? I can see that Yumi likes Babi, but doesn’t love him and is getting me nervous with Wung coming back all of a sudden.


I am absolutely loving Yumi Cells 2. Its become one of my top dramas of all time. Very creative. Very sweet. A nice departure from reality lol.

I stopped using Viki Discussions but came here today to see what people are saying about this drama.


This drama might be the best korean drama I’ve ever watched. I love gu wungu so much it’s so good that he’s back this season, Kim go eun’s acting is also so good I cry when she cries


IMO the plot is getting so ridiculous that I am very much angry with the director. he is making me so frustrated with the recent episodes,
I am so damned confused!!! whom should I ship yumi? wung or babi? and will sunrok’s character come or not?


Honestly same. I don’t know how to feel about Yumi’s decisions. I understand her at the same time that I don’t. I get that she has trauma about past relationships and cheating, but she should’ve trusted Babi like he trusted her. I really like Wung but I feel that he still a bit imature. For me Babi was the obvious choice until Yumi decided to dump him bc he started to feel something about someone else. He did everything in his power to shake that feeling, I trust that Babi would never cheat on Yumi, I like to think that he would break up with her when his feelings changed. And honestly Im not sure if Yumi loves Babi, like actually loves him. Sarang wasn’t there for this relationship at the very beginning and then she said yes to him bc she thought it would do her good to stay with him. Everything in this is wrong omg