How you were introduced to Dramas?


As we all know dramas have a wide space in everyone’s heart.What we watch and what we don’t depends on our favourite genres and interests.Some people discover dramas through there friends and family while some give it chance to see if they are worth it and find out a lot more then they expected.My experience was that I was looking for a show to watch during quarantine and I suddenly came across this drama ( my first ever drama) .The trailer was exiting and thrilling but I thought that it will probably be boring. I still gave it a go and what I discovered was a world full of dramas and great shows that now I can’t stop watching.Everyone has different stories to how they came across dramas.Let the world hear your adventure.:smiley::v::wink:


haha this is cute! I’m also a 2020 drama baby :sweat_smile:
It started with two of my best friends getting into kdramas and kpop, and then I felt so left out when they sat and giggled over them. I was a huuuuuge Disney girl back then and thought there was no better. Kept wondering what was so great about these Korean ppl…but finally I decided to try just so I won’t be left out, and I got HOOKED immediately! I loved how refreshingly different it was. I loved how the genre is ‘rom-com’ but I end up crying so hard and going on this total rollercoaster of emotions! I love how the love stories take soooooo long to happen, and love is not equated to sex. I love even the cliches and wait for them to happen deep down inside. Kdramas make me smile and I’m happy for that! :grin:


It all started when I, rather randomly, started learning Korean, without having a clue about the fact that it was a thing. K-pop? K-drama? Never heard of it, just became fascinated by a language that I had coincidentally stumbled upon.
Then of course I went searching for Korean things to expose myself to and found music … and then Viki! I started watching lots of Korean shows, and later also shows from other countries, especially Taiwan and Japan … and the rest is history!


Believe it or not, my introduction to non-English overseas content started with Japanese anime via crunchyroll.

After some time I started to think to myself. ‘Perhaps I should give overseas non-animated drama a go’ . As there are subtitles, so it shouldn’t be any different to watching anime so I started watching non-English drama with subtitles on Netflix and that eventually led me here. I think the first non-animated non-English content I watched was a Spanish drama on Netflix, but I can’t remember what it was as it was a long while ago now.

I tell you one thing I have improved my reading speed a lot since watching content with subtitles , although sometimes I still think to myself that God for the rewind and pause function. :grin:


My oldest son made me buy him hundreds of Japanese magazines that I don’t know how he said he could ‘‘read’’ (they were not translated in English).

All of a sudden years back, they started having Chinese channels here in the US that showed dramas I never had interest watching… until one day I saw BIG with Lee Min Jung and Gong Yoo and I was forever hooked that lead me to discover


I’m last long addicted to japanese mangas, animations, etc…Since DBZ, sailor moon and more. But not really interested in drama. 2D characters were enough for my youngself. It was like that until I reached university. Then I had the opportunity to learn japanese, and mi teacher who was a native from japan, she made us watch some parts of dramas…and then I started it. Many of my classmates was dive into j-dramas for a while. Just to clarify, I already known j-dramas existence, but I doesn’t want to watch it. First, because for what they seemed really strange (low cost FX, costume, etc). Second, i didn’t want to ruin my good memory of my beloved mangas or animations with a not - always- good drama adaptation.

But then, I was tempted and finally, I watched a first j-drama (back in 2007). I chose something I didn’t know. So my first was hanazakari no kimitachi he. Then it was with one of my prefered actor : shun Oguri (I know him without really knowing him, he played in a film Azumi, where I really loved his character). Anyways, first but not the last, I started to watched more and more j-dramas.

Then in 2010, started k-dramas inferno ahah. OMG!! Ok koreans are better than japanese for acting (some japanese are good, but they over exaggerated for many). And all because, I discovered the super junior (ELF squad XD). Now I’m onto c-drama as well since the Untamed phenomenom! My earrings now can pretty much make the difference between the three languages, and my eyes are better to do the gym between subtitles and the screen hahaha. Sometimes I have to stop the video again, but if I want to fully understand the show, I have to do that.

I never regret to sink into dramaworld, but I don’t have enough of 24 hours a day to do all I have to do :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Started looking at Korean drama after watching a Korean movie called “My Little Bride” (2004).

I was an Anime fan but now Anime last few years feels lacking or maybe I’ve just grown out of it. But now only horror/thriller Anime with darker tone interests me. Which is probably why I enjoy Korean drama coming from OCN channel as they tend to be horror/thriller/action theme.


uh oh another one to “play” in! my , hoiw was I introduced ? hmmm, 1, myt son was stationed in Korea, and always told me about the people and the scenery. been a few years ago on that
2. about 2014, I broke my knee, so I wasn’t able to go much, so started flipping through channels , found drama fever, and viki, and the other channels we aren’t supposed to mention, and the first one I watched, really don’t remember it.
3 then 2018, broke my wrist, so again watching more dramas, and more on viki,
4 so with my other hobbies, I also watch C & K dramas, been doing this for quite a few years.
5. I enjoy watching the actors & actresses, some my sons age, and kinda adopted them as well, their faults & all.
6 I just enjoy these dramas and watch daily.


Eu conheci os doramas em 2018,não sei por que aquele dorama estava me chamando e fui assistir ele Age of Youth também conhecido como hello my twenties eu me apaixonei por dorama, e depois veio jardim de meteoros e etc… depois eu cansei de ver doramas na netflix e conheci o viki o meu amor toddinho é só seu ta Rakuten :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


it was netflix actually. i started on netflix, was kicked out because i forgot the payment. so i searched google until i found Rakuten Viki. a lot better than netflix because i have a variety of options


i got introduced to K dramas on YouTube. I loved how the can be so serious to make u cry and yet so funny you will laugh you head off. During quarantine i was a drama junkie on Netflix and from the i wanted more selection, thats how i got on here after looking for streaming sites


Same here! I was searching for a safe websites for dramas and found viki.


Yes, I also came to Viki through Netflix :sweat_smile: “Ashes of Love” was it on Netflix, I wanted to see more of this kind, and finally led me over YouTube where I then on “the Untemed” have found…
In search of “the untamed” with German subtitles, then brought me to Viki…
When I remember it back, That was not so easy :sweat_smile: At the multitude of providers, I didn’t know if Viki could be trusted… My curiosity won in the end :slight_smile::blush:


I have a kind of convoluted path to watching kdramas :grin: I love a good romance story and I watched Hallmark movies all the time (which now pale in comparison to kdramas). I started running out of things to watch and I stubbed across a Filipino romance movie last summer which was amazing! I ended up watching a bunch and they were all excellent. I then started watching “Triad Princess” a Taiwanese drama that came out last year and ended up watching a couple kdramas and cdramas. After watching It’s Okay to Not be Okay this summer (my absolute favorite!) I ended up on Viki to find more dramas outside of Netflix and here I am! :blush:


haha me too! Hallmark and Disney Channel were what I lived on till kdramas gave me new life :joy:


oh you two are something else, yeah hallmark, disney, yessss, but now these dramas keep me goping!


I was actually on Hotpot TV before i found this website. I had to stop using Hotpot because it wasn’t a safe website. but i’m glad i found this one. I’m even learning different languages just so i can stop reading subtitles. I have never been more determined to learn until now.


I’ve heard about K drama for years but was never on my radar and then Covid-19 lockdown happened and was browsing through Netflix and gave Crash Landing On You a go and … I haven’t looked back ever since :laughing: