I am curious about other links & dramas

I have been on Viki for quite some time, Drama fever too. My curiosity got the best of me, and I looked at those other links we are not uspposed to mention here. how come, these other so called PIRATE links, have new shows and so many too, but these two I mentioned are lucky to have lawless lawyer, and so on. do they get the licenses? I’ll throw netflix in here too. Like I said I am curious, how do they get these dramas and movies before Viki or DF? Just curious…

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Viki has Lawless Lawyer but you might not be able to watch it here. And you are mistaken, they don’t get them before Viki or any legal site has them. They steal everything from others. Sometimes they have subs on earlier but you will notice they are not complete if they are not complete yet on Viki or other legal sites because they steal from them.

Often, but not always.
There is at least one which has its own Korean-English subbers, and they have the subs ready before us. (Not bad either, although they have this American taste). Other sites take from this one instead than from us.
There are others who translate from Indonesian subs. These subs can be really bad.

oh I see! so they steal them , wow really interesting though. thanks for the info. oh yeah I can see lawless lawyer on viki. it was just an example, which I seen on one of those links. I would rather go to the links I know than the ones that I dont. like viki, DF netflix, maybe hulu ,and youtube. much safer to be sure! again thanks for the info