I am Going to Delete all of my favourites.....because

I am sick to death of receiving countless notifications daily about upcoming dramas. I have marked favourites for MY use only… as ones that I have viewed.
I didn’t compile that list for others to use in sending me notifications. Is there a way I can block them?
Many of the upcoming dramas are not even available in my region so please stop with the notifications.

There isn’t a way to stop the notifications unless you unfavorite the show.
And we give you guys notifications to give you guys an update, or just a show for recommendation.

The notifications can’t be stopped, we CMs use this as a direct communication with the fans of the show and we will keep sending them, because is a very good tool. Actually the tool for you save favorites is actually so you get notifications about the channel and all. So the only way is delete them. when you clic in favorite you are supporting the channel. In your inbox you have in top of inbox the notifications as well, so this means is something that Viki set up for important stuff. We recommend other shows to help other CMs to get channel support since we are a community.

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Actually, I understand your frustration. Even though I am an active volunteer, I believe Viki needs to have a different method/mode for channel managers to send out notifications unrelated to the favorited channel itself. Any information other than the favorited channel should be optional and something you should be able to opt in/out of. Why? Because it is essentially spamming people’s messages. Just because we have a tool that can send out mass notifications should not mean we should use it for our own agendas. NOW HOLD YOUR HORSES PEOPLE. I’m not saying that it’s wrong for channel managers to send out recommendations or a canvas for volunteers. HOWEVER, I do believe that there should be a different method of doing so in order to not bombard those who do not want to receive such information. Just my two cents. =)


It’s ok to not be agreed with the notifications also. But I’m actually thankful that they exist since I can realized about new dramas that I will like to watch and others in which I will like to contribute as subber or mod or anything. So what you guys talk about is a tool that allow you to save and organize your dramas so you can know what is that you are watching? If so, there is actually a website mydramalist.com is a website for this, you can’t watch dramas there but you have the possibility of a very detailed list. I’m just saying that in viki the favorite tool is to support the channel in various ways not to keep just a record.


Though I like the occasional recommendations for new dramas and opportunities to volunteer, I would prefer that notifications from that favorited channel be about that channel. It’s my honest belief and humble opinion that the favorite tool was designed to keep track of channels you wanted to keep tabs on because you “liked” that channel. However, if there is a record somewhere indicating otherwise, someone please let me know and I’ll be glad to read it. I believe the favorite tool had evolved to be used in a way it was not originally intended; that is, for channel managers to send out mass notifications to fan bases of a particular channel. I do not believe we should have to subscribe to or utilize another website to keep a record-like list of channels we like on Viki; it would be rather inefficient and ineffective since that tool is available on Viki itself. Indeed some would argue that if you don’t want to receive these notifications that you “simply unfavorite” the channel. However, I believe that would defeat the actual purpose of favoriting a channel that you thought you really liked simply because the tool was being used as a listserv. Anyhow, I’m not saying channel managers are wrong for doing it; again, I’m just saying these differences can be resolved by Viki building a tool for this purpose. It would help if we had separate tools for these two different purposes.


I love MDL since I’ve been watching for so many years it’s hard for me to always remember what I’ve seen and what I wanted to see, each drama you can edit to be currently watching, on hold,plan to watch or dropped, You can also put how many eps you’ve watched so if it’s one you have on hold you can resume where you left off. But my fav is you can rate them so others can look through your list and see what ones to avoid and what one to check out if you have similar tastes. And let’s be honest not all the great dramas are available on here since they couldn’t get the lic. so we have to use other sites so using favorites to keep a record of what you have watched well for me personally won’t work I currently have listed I believe 226 dramas and almost 126 movies of the ones I know for sure but there are still more I have to look up since I can’t remember so I’m adding every week or editing MDL. So I only use favorites for the ones I’m currently watching and supporting and I only have ever got msgs saying the ep is out, if they need help or there could be a delay because they need help which I love since I’m not going WHY is there nuuuuuuuuuuuuuu subs!!!:stuck_out_tongue: So far the recommendations have all been ones I really enjoyed so I appreciate that they took the time out to even write a msg to let me know this is a new one you will probably enjoy. Since I don’t always know what to watch next…
So if you start your list on MDL which I would recommend everyone should use if you are an addict like me :smiley: and feel free to friend me up I’m Melliebean there and my list is constantly being updated and edited :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m sorry that you’re getting email notifications that you don’t want to be getting. But you can definitely turn these off! You can do this by going to your Account Settings and un-checking the “Email me when … A video has been added to one of my favorite Channels” box.

If you have any further questions about this, please contact the Viki Help Center!

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many thanks ! I will try that.

I do get a lot of unnecessary notifications too. Some, honestly, are not that important or useful and they clog up my mailboxes.

I also get emails for videos which I didn’t subscribe to and for subbings on foreign shows.
My boxes are unchecked and I still get them.

I think it would be good to streamline who the CMs can send the selective messages to, eg, only to English subbers for Mandarin, and not a mass email to all subbers regardless of the language content. And also what kind of notifications that we would like to receive. This way, it will benefit both parties. This would be my wish list.

It has come to a point where I don’t even read the notifications anymore - I simply just delete them as there are too many unnecessary ones. I think some people just send for the sake of sending, without the value in it.

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