I am having a problem/ problem resolved

trying to pay my account and viki keeps kicking me out. verification, changing my credit card, and nothing. so am I doing something wrong? are kocowa & viki the same, or are they two different enities? I do want to stay with viki!!

I understand that you’re frustrated, but I think you need to word this more clearly.
You mean your vikipass has expired and you need to renew it?
You should first clear your cache, history, cookies, login again and only then, if this doesn’t also work, write down all the steps you take, in order, and write to Help here:
It is also useful if you take screenshots. With the Snipping Tool on start menu or with pushing the Print Screen key and then pasting the screenshot which is in the Clipboard into Paint (CTRT+V for paste) and saving. Then you can attach the screenshots to your message.

no viki pass hasnt expired, they cant get out money due to my card. I have attempted to change it about 4 times since 6;30, and 4 times for verification of email. the card is the same but exp. dates and that code #. thats what I have been trying to change and it doesn’t work

Looked at my email now it says
Thank you for updating your card!

We received your request to update your card. Here are your plan details:

Plan: Viki Pass Plus (Monthly)
Start Date: 22 August, 2017 02:32PM UTC

Your subscription will renew automatically at the end of the current billing period:

Next Payment Date: 02 January, 2018 11:30AM UTC
Next Payment Amount: USD 9.99
am I not reading this properly?

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Wait. First of all, please delete your real email and the number of your card (even if it’s only the last four digits) and put xxxx instead. Just to be on the safe side. It is not good to put things like these online where everybody can see them.

If it hasn’t expired yet why would they take money from your card?
It seems your subscription will expire on January 1st or January 2nd
If you go to “Viki pass settings” (drop-down menu under your avatar on the main viki site), you will see when is the exact expiration date.
For instance in my case it says:

Amount Due: USD 0.00
Date: Jan 12, 2018 10:34 AM [/QUOTE]
For me the amount is 0 because I’m a QC, in your case it should show a price, for istance 9.99.
If the date is indeed Jan2, the mail says that they are going to charge the card on January 2nd, which hasn’t arrived yet, that’s why they are not charging it yet.
At least that’s what I understand.
If January 2nd comes and your card isn’t charged, and you find you cannot watch videos (=no vikipass), then that’s the moment you should worry and write to Support.

Viki Pass
Viki Pass Plus
Amount Due: USD 9.99
Date: Jan 2, 2018 6:30 AM

ok I think I got it, oh and they didn’t take money out of my acount. I’ve never had any problem before! at least not like this! so I just wait and see?

Mary, remove the credit card info from your post, click on the edit “pen icon” of your post and delete the name and number, also your email address put in “xxxx”. Always think of safety, this forum is public not private!!!
Happy New Year and good fortune!

ok followed your directions. and as for the money coming out, it did this morning. so I guess good to go!

thanks you two and I will be more careful about the email and the credit card from now on.