I am in big trouble - I don't know what to watch


Memory is an outstanding drama.


Have you found any new dramas Iutra?
I just started watching Misty and it’s a little moody dark drama that, from what you said you like, might be something for you :slight_smile:


THE FIERY PRIEST this is awesome drama bc is so funny. it has emotional moments and action packed too.

i am psychometric is great, too.


Well, I watched Madame Antoine and it was almost okay. I watched it till the end.
I just happened to restart Devilish Joy, I like Choi Jin Hyuk’s play, so I tried it before, but right in the 1st episode something happened. And I thought, oh no, too heavy stuff. So I pushed it aside for a while since subs are ready I gave it a second chance and I really like it till now. The pace is mine to start with and while the female lead was kind of shrill and twitchy at the beginning she turned into a more matured woman.
After that I might try Twenty Again, as I wanted to watch it when it aired but just didn’t get to. Since it will be gone in 2 weeks … So far this is my plan for now.
And Devilish Joy is as far as “dark” I can watch at the moment. I watched darker dramas in the past years, but right now it’s hard for me to watch. Thank you for the suggestion, I think I have Misty on my list and hope I will get a chance to take a look at it later.


@angelight313_168 I really like Kim Nam Gil, since I first saw him in Lovers, where he still used a different stage name. But I am not lucky with his dramas at Viki. Europe doesn’t have many licenses for dramas with him, only Queen Seon Deok is available. I am just happy I could watch all the others before the changes in law and the licenses and Viki. But I still really would like to see Deserving of your Name.


I could do a list too! but if you like mysteries, sci fi,

check out flipped, almost reminds me of the love knot, (foxes from another world) the chinese version,
and the angry priest this one is funny and mysterious,
check out the item, golden eyes tetrus behind me(check you tube on this one if it isn’t here)
oh yeah psychometric, still seems like a remake of one a few years back but this one is different than that one which I forgot the name, the fairy & woodcutter is ok, while you were sleeping is a good one, so many more!! healer, my favorite, tunnel, gu family book.,panda & hedgehog, and the song, kept going in my head for weeks!!



He’s a great actor. But the first drama (I think it was a movie though) I saw him in was one really rated ‘‘R’’ and he went all out in that drama. I forgot the title but it was about him denying his sexual preference and finally accepting it. The ending was very sad but I saw this so long ago I don’t remember if he dies or what. But I do remember hating the ending so much bc it was very sad.
Oddly enough the next one I saw from him was SHARK which I also hated the ending. After that disappointment, I refused to watch anything that he was in…Until now that I ventured to see – The Fiery Priest – bc I was curious how a priest could be fiery. At this point I think it might have a sad ending, too.I’m just hoping they don’t do that again. I’m still around episode 14 and i’m hoping I’m wrong about the ending.

The other ones you have seeing from him, did they had a sad ending?


I don’t but a book came into my mind either from the 80’s or the 90’s a woman who would turn into a wolf …
I watched such stuff a lot in that time Ladyhawk, a movie of the 80’s, back then Robin Hood BBC, Beauty and the Beast CBS, Buffy, Angel, … That kind of stuff. But I must say when Buffy finally ended in the early 00’s, my interest pretty much gone. It only rekindles here and the in GU family book for Choi Jin Hyuk in the first four or so episodes.
I still like drama’s like Queen In Hyun’s Man, Faith, …
For the darker ones I watched and likes Tunnel (I would probably shy away these days), Pride and Prejudice, I Remember You, The Girl Who Sees Smells(liked it while watching, but isn’t a drama that keeps my mind busy, if you know what I mean), Beyond the Clouds (is more like it).
Ah, I only use Viki, I want to stay in a legal frame and I can not even watch the dramas I want to (because of time issues, I can save the time to look for them elsewhere.).
Healer is still on my list, but at the moment that pace is too much for me. A reason why I stopped Devilish Joy right at the start. But Choi Jin Hyuk sold Tunnel to me, so you can guess, why I ended up watching this drama. Fairy & Woodcutter is not for me a pass, like years ago I missed out on Arang and the Magistrate, … Just not my cup of tea.
If you want to make suggestions go on, I am looking for dramas that I might have rated falsely.


@angelight313_168 You mean No Regret, I watched that too and gosh, thankfully I am open-minded. I do not judge actors for taking such roles, I think an actor who wants to “grow” is in need of projects like this, when you need to go beyond … LOL I am not talking about the details, I mean the inner torture of a character …

Well, now you mention something, a lot of his characters were “unlucky” in love, in life, … At least in dramaland.
Queen Seon Deok - is epic, the start was a bit juddery for me, back then I knew not much about Korean history. But Kim Nam Gil playing Bidam is just awesome. You may guess how he ended but, it really is one of the few historicals I made it through with no regret, :wink: Deserving of Your Name - has no bad ending, and he is using his “funny” face a lot in this, problem is the availability of the drama but tvn had lots of free-bees as previews to offer, so with a bit of imagination …
In Lovers he had a minor role, Bad Guy well it hurt, …


Justice team (2016) check you tube or if you have amazon prime…
RH plus, on crunchyroll. haven’t started to watch it. 2010 I think


American sources do not work for me, and I do not use YT to watch drama. I must say Justice Team totally went under my radar and didn’t find much information about it, it’s a mini series 4 episodes? [quote=“frustratedwriter, post:30, topic:22786”]
2010 I think

… Hm?








@wiligard I know this drama should be just my cup of tea, but I didn’t miss it. You know some dramas air and you really want to watch and then you can’t and then you think, oops well. And the days go by.
I just don’t know how I feel about this one
Too dark for this season
It has Ji Sung, I know but somehow, I guess I am a bit spoiled and have missed out on many dramas, that I feel like a kid that doesn’t know which chocolate to eat first. Well this one is not on the shortlist.
Thriller is a pass for me at the moment

Saw these two and liked them in their own way.

I solely watch at Viki, don’t use other services and it’s fairly enough material to watch, even, yes, even someone like me has a BUT there are still some dramas I really would like to watch here.

More contents coming to viki

Something that’s not on Viki, but on our favorite other legal site, is Prison Playbook. Superb drama with almost no serious violence. Quite strange for a prison drama. But incredibly funny and full of life. From the directors of the Reply series.

Something with a bit more violence, but quite unusual - Stranger (aka Secret Forrest / Forrest of Secrets). The main male character’s psychological profile is superb. With Bae Doona!



How’s it going Lutra? Still want new suggestions?

A show I liked was it was not I would have chosen if I hadn’t stumbled across a trailer. A young woman who got to store a lifelike robot and accidently activates it and drama ensuse.
I was recommended and I liked it too. A doctor and a soldier off to a war-torn land to work.
I’m currently watching and are 8 episodes in. So far it’s good and about people in the fashion industry so a lot of goodlokking people in flashy clothes.



I am currently watching that one! I really enjoy it, although the episodes are longer than most Kdramas. I was surprised at the amount of humor in it instead of the violence. The friendships between the cellmates are very interesting and so are the backstories.


@bozoli Thanks!
I have not joined the “other site” yet.
About the other dramas
My Wife is Having an Affair - is on my to be watched list but have not started yet
SKY Castle - don’t know yet …
Misty - on my list, but I feared it would be too dark in the mood
The others I have watched.
@stockholm_syndrome Well, so so …
Suggestions = always
I do have my problems with highly hyped dramas - I don’t know why … I probably watch every other drama before I turn to those. But this only happened since I no longer watch on air dramas. I just recently watch Pinocchio, Healer both dramas I felt I was the only one left to watch them. Descendants of the Sun might be a total different drama, but I am burned from Road Nr. 1 and there is too much war in the world at the moment, I am just not into the genre for now. Korea has a completely different stance about the military I am from Germany, so there is some gap …
Absolute Boyfriend might be a drama, when I need chill drama, but I fear it might be like Oh My Venus, nice to look at but leaves me hungry.
I am still thinking about what to choose next - I missed my chance for Signal, as the license was gone right when I started to have time for watching drama …


I can recommend “Watcher”, I loved it so much! The pace is good, not slow and not quick at the same time. Also even tho the whole drama revolves around one case, it doesn’t get boring as they find always new pieces of the puzzle. The cast is great, there is a lot of blood in some scenes but it wasn’t too much in my opinion. The lines are very nice too and all the shots and settings were great :star_struck:


Depends on what you call dark and moody. I don’t think it was but a refreshing break from all the dramas that are clearly for a young adult audience. This was an all grownup drama and very sexy.
I’m going to watch it again for sure. :stuck_out_tongue:

It wasn’t much war like shooting and stuff, just the backdrop of being in a different country under special circumstances. But if you don’t like it maybe it’s still too much.


wanna hear your song, twists & turns, mystery and more.
anyway I think its good, vagabond, and I gotta start watching, one of my favorite actors is in it.