I am in big trouble - I don't know what to watch

I’ve never thought this would ever happen …
I just don’t know what to do.
There are some dramas I kind of want to watch, but just didn’t

And there are those, who I just can’t watch right now, because of my mood. It’s either too cruel, too much revenge, makjang-ish, to childish, too cheerful, too eager, too … It is possible that I am misjudging a drama, so if you think it’s an okay drama, I can be swayed.

And there are other dramas I can’t touch, because of my region

What I am looking for, well something smoother, down to earth, pure, earnest, … Ha, ha, yes and I am looking for a K-drama if possible. I am not against other dramas, but prefer the shorter ones 16 hours to max around 50 hrs of drama. At the moment I prefer dramas off air, that are fully subbed, so I can take my time.

Dramas I have already watched and would like to watch something in a similar vibe, I am not looking for the same story lines.

That’s enough to give you an idea, I will not make you look through the list of dramas I watched …
It’s almost 300 now, but in reality it’s more, but Viki doesn’t have channels for all of them.

Anyway I appreciate every suggestion.


We might not exactly have the same taste. I’ve only watched one drama in the list you already watched. Perhaps ‘Can you hear my heart?’ is nice? I liked it when I watched even thoough it’s a slightly older drrama (from 2011).

It’s not necessarily to have the same taste. I often recommend dramas that are not my favorites, but might suit the other person’s.

I once started this drama and stopped it, I think Jang Bo Suk, if the name is correct played a dad and it was too heartrending for me, so I abandoned it. I wanted to try later, it was no longer licensed, when it was licensed again I did not get back to finish it. And surprise now, it’s no longer there for me to access either. So I need another suggestion.

I do not care if it’s an older drama, the dated dramas I watched were from the late 90s, so no worries, age doesn’t matter to me.

Really, no suggestions?
If I could I would re-watch Faith right now, that would be the drama I need.
Nice pace,
not too much thrill,
nice background music,
endearing story line.
I haven’t watched too many dramas in the last 3-4 years.
Shouldn’t there be a drama for me.

  • Secret Love Affair (a delightful masterpiece, superbly acted and directed)
  • Beethoven Virus (unusual storyline, stunning performance by two male leads)
  • It’s Okay that’s love
  • Discovery of Love
  • Another Oh Hye Young
  • Queen In Hyeon’s Man (Historical fusion time travel, delightful chemistry, ends well)
  • Sungkyunkwan Scandal (Historical gender-bender romance, ends well)
  • My Wife is going to have an affair this week (Main actor: respect!)
  • Chief Kim (comedy, social, bromance)
  • Madame Antoine (strong female lead)
  • Memory (Don’t miss this one! When I watched it I was sorry for postponing it. The very best Korean actor in his best role)
  • Incomplete life (Misaeng) Is it possible that you still haven’t watched that one?

It’s 50 episodes but worth it:

  • Jewel in the Palace

And some light but well-made rom coms:

  • Strange hero
  • Touch my heart
  • What’s wrong with secretary Kim

I did watch these, I liked Another Oh Hye Young, Queen In Hyeon’s Man very much. But the trouble with my mood right now is that I would probably avoid them at the moment. After starting Misaeng about a year ago I finally finished it a few weeks ago, it was really good. It’s Okay that’s Love and Discovery of Love, I enjoyed them while watching, but I guess I will not be tempted to re-watch them. I think something like Beethoven Virus would have the right pace for me at the moment.

Watched it while it aired and stopped right in the middle. I don’t really know why the drama lost me. I never took it up again.

I thought I would watch it at some point, but never did, not ment for me I guess, I am not into the “fluffy stuff”. I never took interest in Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, or My Sassy Girl. I guess Moon Embracing the Sun ruined that field for me. I liked the Princess’ Man.

There is no slow pacer around those, or am I wrong?

I tried it more than once with these dramas, I couldn’t even get beyond episode 1? I once had a drama saturation effect, but this time it’s different. I really want to watch, but it so hard to find something that triggers my interest
Oh, my first world problems. Aish!

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When you say “Slow pacer”…? As in “not too much happening” or “only internal conflicts not action”?
My Wife is going to have an affair this week and Memory are more about psychological conflict than outside drama, although Memory also has an ongoing legal/police plot alongside the main concern.
Strange Hero and Touch my heart are, as I said, romantic comedies, which have a nice steady pace, nothing too shaking. I enjoyed watching them mainly because of the endearing actors.
Same with I Am Not a Robot. Very good acting by the male lead as well, and a relatable good female lead. I really liked that one.
One I forgot to mention is Ms Temper and Nam Jung Gi. It’s not a romantic comedy and it’s not even a comedy, it’s an office drama which deals with the discovery of human dignity. Actually there are some comedy moments, the only weak ones in the whole show. All in all I recommend it.
Madame Antoine and My Girlfriend is a Gumiho I enjoyed very much too.

But what I personally enjoyed shouldn’t be a factor because I see you and I have very different tastes.
Encounter has a VERY leisurely pace, pretty much nothing happening, but it’s a pleasant, relaxing watch. Same for Thirty but Seventeen. They are not my personal favorites but if you want something relaxing they may be the perfect choice for you.

Already watched them and liked the first more than the other.

This was one I really liked. As for Encounter it doesn’t attract me, from the outside it looks somewhat predictable in all areas. I can’t really help it, I never watched Descendants of the Sun either.

I mean something with a story line that has one strong topic, like Just Between Lovers. Both have their past, there are many influences in their everyday life, and they work on finding a way to deal with their issues. Internal conflicts may be the right point, it doesn’t need to have zero action. I guess, inner conflicts of a person or two/more applies the best. Other drama I liked is Beyond the Clouds.

I went through your collections and saw that you liked the Japanese drama Jin. How is that one?

Mm, maybe Because This is My First Life? That drama encompasses people of different lifestyles, not necessarily the rich heirs/poor girls and vice versa idea. I really liked this one (not to mention the OST was catchy, at least for me).
If you like contract marriage stuff (which I kinda do, idk if you do as well), there’s My Husband, Mr. Oh! and Marriage Contract, both with Uee (obviously I watched them because of her). I thought they dealt with some realities of life and marriage pretty well.

Another Uee drama is My Only One, except that drama has 100 episodes with each being 30 min long. I got around to fifty episodes when I got distracted with other new dramas. As for pacing, it didn’t feel slow, but not fast either. It’s more on the lines of a family drama.

Rebel: Thief who Stole the People with Yoon Gyun Sang was interesting for me. He was like Robin Hood, in a way. Historical drama, but the main character is actually a bandit. I really enjoyed the first few episodes with Kim Sang Joong.

There’s also Warm and Cozy with Kang Sora and Yoo Yeon Seok…the main female lead was a little too much for me, but the saving grace of this drama was that it took place in Jeju Island. Very relaxing scenery. I guess it is a fluffy drama (per the name of drama).

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim–I watched it, and didn’t really find that I liked it too well. Kinda predictable. But the child actors were the best, imo.

If you like Yoon Shi Yoon, I’d recommend Your Honor. Drama takes place around law, but the judge is actually an ex-criminal who swapped with his twin brother, a judge. I liked the female lead a lot–she isn’t overbearing, she is smart, but not loud about that. Plus, she has her own demons to wrestle with. And of course Yoon Shi Yoon adds comedy, but the best part is seeing his character’s transformation.
He is also in Baker King Kim Tak Goo…that’s one of my favs, but the plotting and scheming might be too much. But the redemption arch is strong in this one. I’m pretty sure it’s on YT.

Ping Pong Ball is a three episode mini-drama with Ji Soo and Yoo Jae Myung. Really a quiet drama, not much action, it’s more on the discussion side.

I would recommend Goblin, but idk if you like that style of drama. It gets a little heavy towards the end, but I think the romance between Gong Yoo’s character and Kim Go Eun’s character is sweet and pure. Not to mention, the OST was fantastic. But it is definitely not a fluff drama.

A medical drama: Beautiful Mind. The doctor can’t empathize with others, but he is one of the best. As for pacing, I can’t quite remember…
And a no romance involved drama: Liar Game. It’s fast-paced, not a happy drama, but full of psychology games. The ‘villain’ or antagonist was the coolest and most mysterious character in the drama

I have only seen 32 Kdramas, so I can’t really say I know which dramas are amazing or not, but I’m just putting in my two cents worth.


I have watched them, I think the number of dramas I watched over the last 10 years or so might be over 400 by now. So no worries, that you have watch not as many as me. People have different tastes and that is good because actually some dramas you try by recommendation by others and sometimes it just hits your soft spot. That’s what happened to me with Just Between Lovers, I just wasn’t aware of it that time. It’s one of my favorites.
I often watch family dramas because they are always a relaxant since normally they end well.
I have no access to [quote=“helenama73_911, post:9, topic:22786”]
My Husband, Mr. Oh!
Ping Pong Ball
I have already watched Liar Game’s original Japanese version, so I had no interest in the Korean one. Even it has a great cast. I heard much about Baker King Kim Tak Goo, so much that it almost feels like I watched it back then …

That leaves[quote=“helenama73_911, post:9, topic:22786”]
Rebel: Thief who Stole the People
I had a soft spot for Robin Hood stories for a long time, but I am not that much in to period dramas at the moment.

Didn’t make it through episode 1, I think at one point I had an overdose of the rich, prickly, … male lead, even if he is played Park Seo Joon and has Lee Tae Hwan in it.

This might indeed be an option, I like law dramas. I am not the what you would call a Yoon Shi Yoon fan, but it’s not that he would be reason not to watch.
Thank you, it will be in the short list.

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I really really loved part 1. Part 2 was a bit more dark and gory, but still good. The main actor has such charisma and the story is really good. Yes, there are things which are hard to believe (he is a neurosurgeon but in Joseon era he does all sort of things, from obstetrics to paediatrics to cancer, quite successfully. Well, it might be possible) but who cares. There are parts which are a bit melodramatic, but it didn’t bother me a lot. People were commenting all the time about how the Korean version sucked, so I didn’t even try to watch it.
Less romance than in Faith but it’s not missed at all. The main issue here is how much to do, what the doctor is doing in the past, is it going to affect history in disturbing ways, or is everything going to even out? Which is an interesting question in all time-travel.
I recommend it whole-heartedly.

Oh, by the way, there is another one you may like, more similar to Faith, it’s called “Deserving of the name” a.k.a “Live Up to Your Name”, and it’s not here, I watched it “elsewhere”. The twist is that there are two doctors time-travelling, a modern lady and a Joseon era acupuncturist, so there’s also the way they both learn about each others’ methods, which adds added interest. And the main actor, Kim Nam-gil, is really really wonderful here, both in comic and in dramatic parts.

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Oh dear, I didn’t realize you have watched so many dramas :flushed: I really hope you find that one drama that just clicks and gets your attention :relaxed:

Sniff … That it one I really want to watch. I am not a fan of many actors but Kim Nam Gil got me while he roasted chicken at Queen Seon Deok. I kind of watched it with official previews from the broadcaster thankfully there were a lot of them and reading recaps along. But still, how I wished, I could …

Did you perhaps see Nobunaga Concerto? I hope, I got that title right.

I am not sure about Madame Antoine, I get reminded on Heart to Heart but it looks totally different.

Your Honor is not working for the moment as subtitles there seem even more out of sync, than other channels I saw this problem.

Hi lutra,

I’ve just noticed your “I don’t know what to watch” post, so I’ll try to recommend. Looking through your above reference list of dramas, for a similar vibe I came up with a few suggestions, in alphabetical order:

  1. Assorted Gems
  2. Black Knight
  3. Dear My Friends
  4. Feast of the Gods
  5. Hwayugi
  6. Kimcheed Radish
  7. Memory
  8. The Player
  9. Radiant
  10. Yoo Na’s Street

Even though some of these aren’t on my top 50, I would absolutely recommend for a “smoother, down to earth, pure, earnest“ experience, I believe. Also, a few months ago, I finished a wonderful (beautiful, poignant, thought-provoking, etc.) Japanese asadora drama called “Sunshine (Ohisama) on Viki. Sadly the license changed (now restricted in US) recently or I would be re-watching. If you have interest in Japanese historical drama, this is my top recommendation, that is to say if it’s available in your region. sheishun

I just saw your “need to watch list” - will recommend “Childless Comfort”

Hmm… So, what’s stopping you?
(You don’t like going to “these places”?)

@irmar Yeah, I don’t like going there at all. Since I don’t have too much time on my hand, I have fewer places I turn to on the internet. It reduced my stress level, didn’t think it would. But in earlier years I would watch 5-7 dramas a week and read at least 3-4 recaps. Now I am at a level that I follow 1-2 dramas in the week (that amounts to 4-6 hours) and not reading any recaps.

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[quote=“sheishun_548, post:15, topic:22786”]
Assorted Gems - I tried it once but then it got blocked, oh, it’s available again
Black Knight - not in my “reach”
Dear My Friends - not at Viki
Feast of the Gods - videos not visible for me
Hwayugi - that looks crazy, pass
Kimcheed Radish - watched years ago
Memory - got a suggestion already, still need to look up that one, but always feel that I would rather watch Signal first.
The Player - guess this is not for me
Radiant - still on air, maybe later
Yoo Na’s Street - tried and stopped 10something episodes, it didn’t “click”

@sheishun_548 Somehow my text didn’t show about Sunshine, this drama is available for me, I live in Europe, sorry for you, but you’ve seen it already and there are so many other dramas for you.
Have you ever tried the Japanese movie

@lutra When I don’t know if a drama is going to be good, I search it on mydramalist.com. When it has a rating of 8 or higher it’s probably a wellmade drama. I don’t really have new suggestions for you, but this might help choosing one.

@oriya The problem in normal drama recommendation hardly anyone is writing about the mood a drama sets or the pace. And I don’t want to know too much about the story line. But thank you for your suggestion.