I am kinda new- Recommendations for Kdrama or Cdrama romance?

I am new to viki pass. I have been lurking as a free user for a while and finally pulled the trigger and purchased Viki pass. (just the regular so far) I have fallen in love with dramas! I am boring, I guess, in that I do usually prefer the typical feminine female lead and masculine male lead, but open to suggestions. (I don’t much care for the ones that have excessive age differences) Here are some I have watched that I love. Based on this, can I get some recommendations on what to watch next?

Crash Landing on You- one of my top favorites ever
The Wolf- can’t wait for the next episode! I am in love
Faith/The Great Doctor
The Legend of the Blue Sea
Autumn’s Concerto
Another Oh Hae Young
My Love From the Star
General and I

I do also love lakorns, but it doesn’t appear that they offer those here. I have had trouble finding where to watch with Eng subs.

Any suggestions for me on what to watch next?

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Hello, I would recommend

Tale of Nokdu
Tale of the Nine-Tailed
I am Psychometric

To Love
The Untamed
Some Day or One Day
Go Ahead

Just some suggestions and some of my favourites - hope you enjoy as well!

We might be from different regions so maybe some suggestions might not work for you.

For your love of Lakorn you might like this one, it has some similar traits like a Thai Lakorn.

not really Lakorn-like but a dominating male character

One Lakorn Viki has is

Fantasy- romance and drama

Nice romances

I will leave it at that, maybe there is something you might like to watch, I took the dramas you mentioned in consideration, so hopefully you will find one or two that are your cup of tea.

You have a great watched list.
I’ll add these to your recommendations.

A fantasy and love square story. The female lead is really strong and this is due to her genes. All the females in her family are stronger and the males are relatively weaker. She wants to be Game Designer but finds herself soon becoming a bodyguard of her own boss. She also has a crush on her friend who is a police officer but the friend is too occupied by his work to notice her charm.

This is Japanese though. A fantasy story (once again). It is believed if a couple start dating under the miraculous cherry tree, the couple will be together forever. The ML and FL loved each other but never realized so. One day, when they finally realize and plan to start dating under the Tree, the ML faces a problem due to which the couple never saw each other again. Ten years later, the ML suddenly reappears. But, this time, they are not the same as they used to be in their high school (at least the FL isn’t). A beautiful story telling you the value of life and chances. I especially liked the music of this show.

Again, a high school story. This drama is based on a manhwa which revolves around the life of 17 years old teenagers. A comedy topping with romance. The ML lead falls in love with the FL at first sight. The FL does not have a good impression of him because of their first encounter. This drama is still running and people anticipate a love triangle (as says the Synopsis and so the Manhwa)

The story of a ballerina who is left blind after an accident and an angel who is given a task to complete after he saved the life of a human who was destined to die. Because the angel was good and helped lots of animals and species who couldn’t help themselves, God decides to give him a last chance and find the love of the girl who never felt loved and seems too cold on the outside to talk even to somebody. Shin Hye Sun is a really good actress and so is the antagonist. I loved both of them in this show and for the first time, I felt the ML had lesser importance than the FL

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Unfortunately, the second season is missing

It is definitely worth it


Since you liked Crash Landing on You, here’s another military/comedy/romance I loved::

Interestig plot, great cast, both main and supporting, strong male and female leads, reallyy good comedy:

Law, comedy and teamwork/family:

Aaaand a not-very-bloody, extreme rom-commy, Bo-Gummy saeguk to finish it all! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

acually, instead of making this post a mile long, I might as well share my collection :joy::sweat_smile:

Eternal Love
Ashes of Love
Princess Agents
Bloody Romance
The King’s Woman
Love-me if you dare
Goodbye, my princess
Legend of the Phoenix
The Untamed
Chef Cinderella
Cruel Romance

Moonlight drawn by clouds
It’s ok, that’s love
Oh, my venus
Descendents of the Sun

Seriously, you can watch any of these without fear, I put only the best ones on my private list and due to your description, we are very similar in terms of choosing dramas. I’m also in love with The Wolf, so if you want a drama with more action, martial arts, romance, cold main (like Lord Bo), you should watch Princess Agents.
And if you want to see Xiao Zhan (who plays Ji Chong) as the protagonist in one of the best shows I’ve ever seen, then see The Untamed next.