I am prevented from upgrading for an entire year

I recently got a yearly subscription to Viki Pass Basic in order to watch Goddess of Fire , and other shows thereafter. On looking Goddess of Fire up, I found that Viki Pass Plus was required to watch it. Now, I did not want to pay the fee for an annual Plus subscription, so I changed to a monthly Viki Pass Plus subscription. When I did, I noted with concern that my account page said the change would take effect on September 16th, 2020, the date when my former Basic subscription would expire. When I went to the Goddess of Fire page, my fears were confirmed, and all episodes were still marked as needing me to upgrade to Viki Pass Plus in order to watch them.

I am guessing that the system is not used to people going from a yearly Basic subscription to a monthly Plus subscription, and has been thrown off by the yearly Basic bill being higher than the monthly Plus bill.

I have used the ‘Contact Us’ feature to enquire about this, but I thought I would check if anyone here had any solutions, as well. Do I really need to wait a year to start watching Plus shows? Is there any way to solve this problem, short of taking a yearly subscription to Viki Pass Plus?

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I think if you write to the help center, they will fix it for you or will tell you what to do. But be patient because their replies can be a bit late. Good luck!

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If you upgraded to an Annual Pass Plus, it would take effect immediately, and you would be able to watch all the content on Viki without any restrictions. Of course, you would also have to pay extra.
I’m not sure you want to do that, so just wait for Viki support to answer back. Ask for a refund if they’re unhelpful.

On a personal note, I don’t recommend yearly subscriptions. Life is unpredictable as it is.
Please keep us updated. It’s a very unique issue.

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I personally find the yearly subscription preferable because it saves a month or two on my costs, plus the fact that Viki doesn’t need to process our credit cards monthly which likely costs Viki a fee every time. The Viki Basic fee last time I checked was like $2.50 monthly then most credit cards charge about 2% to the vendor so how can Viki afford to stay afloat and not end up like Dramafever? I feel the golden rule of do unto others as you want them to do to you requires that I be reasonable to others if I want them to be reasonable to me.

Thank you everyone for your consideration.

The Help Centre has been unable to help, but the issue has been managed. I cancelled the useless Plus subscription, and then my mother opened an account and got Viki Pass Plus, and we are watching it that way.

I was afraid that something like this could happen so my friend never upgraded her Pass subscription to the Plus.