I can't subtitle

I’m a QC Gold and I have the standard VikiPass.
I can’t subtitle but I’m supposed to right ?

I’m not sure how your “can’t subtitle is meant”.

Are you already in a team?

Before you are able to subtitle you need to join a drama’s subtitling team by writing to your language’s mod.

If you are part of a team and can’t enter anything it may be because the episode/s are locked (because they are either already finished with editing or not unlocked for all languages because of English editing pending).

In that case (being part of a team) you should ask your language mod when your team has unlocked episodes for subbing.

I’m part of a team and the episodes I want to translate are open.
I’m going to ask my language mod but it’s the first time something like that happens.

Then it’s either a bug or someone forgot to open the tool for subtitling.

I hope it is fixed soon so you can start subtitling.