I don't understand you people

Well, I do not understand. People ask for moderators that are QC. But to be QC, you have to make many subtitles. How could you be QC, if they do not accept you on a team without being QC?I have sent countless inbox to moderators and managers to be able to join their team of translators and none of them is deings to answer, then, how do they want us to be QC?

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In general, the dramas that anyone can subtitle without being QC:

  • old dramas or movies
  • Chinese dramas
  • created content

It’s where you can ask to subtitle if you begin. Once you have the QC status (3k subs, I think), you can move on to Kdramas.
This is what some people have been doing for the past year and what I did when I began.

If you target Kdramas witout being QC, I’m not sure you would be able to find a new one.
The new Kdramas are:

  • Viki pass premium so available to QC only living in America.
  • Viki pass standard so available to QC immediately but if you’re not QC and want to subtitle on it, you have to wait 25-28 days (I don’t remember the exact number) for the ep to be available to everyone. After 25-28 days, the ep is normally already subtitled in most popular languages, so even if you were recruited in this case, this amount of time would make you unable to subtitle because other subtitlers would have subbed it already and not sure fans can wait for 25 days for subs.

Moderators receive a lot of messages and are normally quite busy on Viki, they might not be able to answer you during the week. Henc, you can send them another message after a week precising the drama and your language.

Don’t lose hope!
I don’t know for which language you want subtitle and what kind of drama you want to sub, but people recruit on Chinese dramas.


You are confusing the role of a moderator and the role of a subber.
It is normal that a moderator should be someone more experienced in how Viki works, someone who has done at least 3000 subs or segments. But you can be a subber without being QC. That is, if the show is not restricted for your region and if it’s not behind Viki Pass. Some new volunteers purchase Viki Pass for just one month, in that one month they make 3000 subs in order to become QC, then they don’t need to ever buy it again.

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I’m joining in on the “Don’t lose hope” message from @piranna. There are CMs who don’t respond to me either, even after a few tries.

However, as @irmar mentioned, you can’t immediately become a moderator for a language, but you can ask to be a subber on any OPEN project (project which the general public can see without subscription). However, then you need to apply as a subber to the existing moderator of your language, not the CM.

Best of luck! And welcome to the subtitling community :smiley:


Try following shows and dramas/movies. You will receive notification of the channel manager about new projects which need subs, then you can ask to moderators if you can participate in the team. Or search in ‘Project Finder’ to see which projects need subs.

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