I forgot the title of this drama! Help!

I think I watched it a few years ago… it was a drama about two sisters from a rich family, their father was killed and the girls sent to an orphanage. Then one of the girls was adoped and believed dead and the other lived a struggling life with a lady that “saved” her… but was actually the one that killed the father for money.
I remember that at some point near the end the sisters reunited and got revenge… and that there were al lot of episodes xD
Does anyone know this drama?

I only see one drama which could correspond to what you’re talking about but that’s not the father who died, it’s the mother, and the father is rich but not the mother.
It’s The Promise, the drama I’m thinking about. There is 102 episodes.

But I can’t remember something about a woman who “saved” her and was actually the one that killed the father for money. So maybe it’s not that one.

something legacy, I think, not sure about twins though I am sure I have seen it too. I will get back to you…

Brilliant legacy? The storyline is a bit different.

yes thats it! but this may not be the one you are looking for

try Her legend, not sure if they were twins,

On Her Legend they are cousins not twins.

ok. will try again