I got a message saying I'm losing my qc status

They said they are taking away my qc status because I haven’t been active for 6 mos or so. That is not the case. I have been away for a month because of vacation but other than that I have been very active. Why did this happen? I hope it gets resolved soon. I feel like all my recent work (6 mos and newer) are not appreciated. I work for hours putting in my contribution. :(((((

So this is like the third or fourth post I’ve seen about this. Which, I guess means they just sent out a batch notification about QC status…

Like other threads have pointed out, you can check out this link about QC status. Basically says

QC status will be suspended and you’ll need to reapply. A QC who
contributes less than 1,000 subs or 300 segments during the previous
six months is considered inactive. If you were a strong QC prior to
your status being suspended, your QC status may be quickly approved
when you re-apply.

If you don’t agree that you haven’t been active enough (that is, you have contributed at least 1000 subs or 300 segments in the past half year), you could probably send a message to either catchlight or brovo about it and they’ll probably check it out or direct you to something.

Hi @1vafan, we apologize for the confusion – our system experienced a bug a few days ago that has been fixed.

If you received this message by mistake (meaning that you have been active in the past 6 months), then your QC status will definitely not be removed. We have fixed the bug, so you don’t have to worry ^^

I’ll go ahead and close this topic - if you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly or write to the Help Center.

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